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Boynton Beach Dentist- How To Secure The Best Dental Implants

Do you know any Boynton Beach Dentist who can fix dental implants like no other? Do you know that missing teeth can cause all sorts of issues? Not only can they affect your speech and ability to eat, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth will start to shift to fill in the gap. Your dentist can offer you several options to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth. Dental bridges, tooth crowns, and dental implants are all viable options. Dental implants are a favorite because not only do they fill in the tooth above the gums, but they also fill in the space beneath the gums, like a real root. It is like placing an entirely new artificial tooth. By choosing dental implants, you also spare the surrounding teeth. With dental crowns or bridges, the surrounding teeth have to be ground down before they can be placed. Dental implant placement does not interfere with the surrounding teeth.
Once you get a professional Boynton Beach Dentist who is Board certified, he or she will examine your mouth, teeth and take x-rays to determine if you are eligible for dental implants. If, after a thorough evaluation, you are considered a good candidate, your dentist will begin to prepare you for the procedure. The first surgery will entail placing the implant into your jaw bone. The second surgery is usually three to six months after the first. During this surgery, the abutments that join the implants to the crown will be attached.
Once your gums have healed around the abutments, about two to four weeks, the prosthesis is put in place. You will need to avoid crunchy or hard foods for a few weeks until your mouth is completely healed. Proper maintenance of dental implants should become an important part of your day to day routine. This can be accomplished by developing excellent oral hygiene habits.

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