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Spiritual Guidance by Kristina Angelgate, Founder of Feel, Believe, Create

Austin, TX, United States ( Realtimepressrelease ) April 18, 2011 – Spirituality helps to connect human beings with God and refreshes the mind and body by finding the inner self. Kristina Angelgate, with her inborn talent and research, has been able to unlock the deepest insights. She has developed the skills of receiving and understanding direct messages from Angels and deceased people.

With the aim of making others aware of the significance of spirituality, she opened an institution and named it Feel, Believe, Create. Through Spiritual Wellness & Affirmations Coach she wants to guide others in identifying the tools and techniques for bringing a positive change.

This Intuitive Angel Card Reader and Spiritual Entertainer meets the clients personally with prior appointments at her residence in Texas. For private readings, she is available everyday over the phone and internet. Kristina provides free service at various charities and fund raisers also.

Change the Mind and Mood by Affirmations

Kristina Angelgate, Owner / Founder, Feel, Believe, Create, LLC says, “Affirmation can help us change our mind, mood and health and help us reach new levels of awareness and happiness”. She suggests that speaking the words loudly or silently 3 to 5 times a day could make the body and mind believe it.

Creates Harmony Around with Wonderful Party Gifts

Feel, Believe, Create offers some wonderful Hand Crafted Party Gifts & Keepsakers for Home & Office Corporate Events in order to create a balanced and soothing atmosphere around. Beautifully designed glass charms stretching around the bottom of the stem of a drinking glass or used as napkin rings could easily attract the attention of guests.

The Angel party gifts carefully prepared with colorful pearls and beads make special occasions like weddings, baby showers and birthdays more charming by spreading peace, happiness and harmony all around.

So whether for having private readings, arranging an angel card reading house party or accessing the customer needs through card readings, contact Kristina to have some inspirational messages.

About Us:

Kristina is able to receive messages from the Angels and deceased ones. These manifestations have helped her develop her skills in the truth of God, the creator of all that is. Her heavenly guidance & studies have enabled her to use different tools & techniques that are effective in unlocking the deepest realm of understanding.


Kristina Angelgate
4824 Norman Trail
Austin, TX 78749, United States
phone: 561-281-8901