Launches Family Friendly Online Classifieds

Site is the Alternative to Adult-Oriented and Scam Posts Common on Other Online Classifieds

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – September 10, 2010 – Online classified sites have recently come under fire for their racy adult-oriented ads and dozens of postings from online scammers. But there’s a new alternative available that’s constantly monitored to maintain its family friendly focus –

“We wanted to create a family friendly online classified marketplace where people can come and get some great deals or find new friends all without having to worry about questionable or dangerous content,” said Rommie Bailey, founder of “The online classified sites have really been in the news lately. We are the safer and better alternative.” features all of the great online classified categories just like its competitors. Popular categories on the website include community activities, employment ads, real estate ads, pet ads, vehicle ads, local professional services and even a category for bible study groups.

“We have all the popular categories just like our competition without all the smut and scammers,” Bailey said. “Just the other online classifieds, its free to browse or post an ad on our site.”

The website is constantly monitored by its dedicated full time content team and any questionable advertisements are immediately removed from the website. It conveniently offers comprehensive classified listings for major cities in the United States, as well as in Canada.

“Users can also set up a convenient account to monitor all of their listings in one place,” Bailey said. “Listings on are created for two weeks and we look forward to helping web surfers find an online classified marketplace with morals.”

For more information about, or to browse or post a listing on their family friendly online classified site, please check out their website at

Florida Refi Explains the New Upcoming FHA Changes!

I know a lot of you have been hearing about “major” changes coming soon with FHA. Here is some info on what exactly is changing and when these changes will take effect.

Orlando, FL, September 08, 2010 — CHANGE #1 — On September 1, 2010, HUD released Mortgagee Letter 2010-28 regarding changes to FHA mortgage insurance premiums. The letter states that, on August 12, 2010, the President signed into law new legislation which allows HUD to increase the amount of the annual mortgage insurance premiums charged for FHA single family housing mortgage insurance programs. For purchase and refinance transactions, HUD has decided to raise the annual premium which is collected on a monthly basis (the “monthly MI”) and simultaneously lower the upfront mortgage insurance premium (the “MIP” which is typically financed into the loan) “so that FHA is in a better position to address the increased demands of the marketplace and return the Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) fund to congressionally mandated levels without disruption to the housing market.”

Effective for FHA loans with case numbers assigned on or after October 4, 2010, the upfront mortgage insurance premium for purchase and refinance transactions will change from 2.25% to 1.0%. The annual mortgage insurance collected on a monthly basis (the monthly MI) will change to the following:

LTV — Annual Premiums for Loans > 15 Years
= or 95% — 90 basis points

Let’s look at a scenario and see how this will affect a typical homebuyer. Let’s say a buyer is purchasing a home at a price of $150,000 with maximum FHA financing (meaning they’re only making the minimum 3.5% down payment) and they’re getting a 30-year fixed at 4.25%. Because they are making a 3.5% down payment ($5,250), their base loan amount is $144,750.

Scenario Calculated Using Current Guidelines — Scenario Calculated With Upcoming Changes

Annual Mtg Ins. Premium: $3,256.88 — Annual Mtg. Ins. Premium: $1,447.50
Total Loan Amount: $148,006 — Total Loan Amount: $146,197
Monthly Principal & Interest: $728.10 — Monthly Principal & Interest: $719.20
Monthly Mortgage Insurance: $66.34 — Monthly Mortgage Insurance: $108.56
Total Payment Before Taxes & Insurance: — $794.44 Total Payment Before Taxes & Insurance: $827.76

So as you can see, the borrower’s payment will be higher with the new changes but my take on it is: in the whole scheme of things, when buying a $150,000 home, it’s not as “major” as some may lead you to believe. Not a HUGE deal when you really look at the numbers.

On September 3, 2010, HUD released another mortgage letter (2010-29) and it is regarding minimum credit scores and loan-to-value ratios. The three main changes, also effective for case numbers assigned on or after October 4, 2010, are:

1) Borrowers with a minimum decision credit score at or above 580 are eligible for maximum financing.
2) Borrowers with a minimum decision credit score between 500 and 579 are limited to 90 percent LTV.
3) Borrowers with a minimum decision credit score of less than 500 are not eligible for FHA-insured mortgage financing.

This is not a significant change because we (as most lenders/banks/brokers) are not financing FHA borrowers with less than a 620 credit score anyway. I don’t feel that these changes will affect you or your buyers much at all. Again, nothing too “major”.

Some good news is: we’ve heard nothing else more about the maximum interested party contributions lowering from 6% to 3% since HUD’s mortgagee letter released 01/20/10. In this mortgagee letter, HUD stated that this change will be “posted in the Federal Register in February, and after a notice and comment period, would go into effect in the early summer.” We should all be glad that this hasn’t officially rolled out (yet) because I feel that this change would have a much greater impact on us and our clients than any of the above. If we hear something more about it, I’ll let you know.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns or if you’d like to further discuss any of this, please let me know. As always, thank you for your business!!

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Press & Media Contact:
Mark Daniel
Florida Refi
Orlando, FL 32811

eGestalt Voted Breakthrough Technology Vendor Finalist at XChange 2010 Event

eGestalt Technologies Inc., a world leading provider of information security and IT-GRC solutions for all enterprises, today announced it was voted as a finalist in the Breakthrough Technology Vendor category at the prestigious XChange XCellence award ceremony.

Santa Clara, CA, September 09, 2010 — eGestalt Technologies Inc. ( ), a world leading provider of information security and IT-GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) solutions for all enterprises, today announced it was voted as a finalist in the Breakthrough Technology Vendor category at the prestigious XChange XCellence award ceremony at Everything Channel’s XChange Americas event recently held in Dallas, Texas.

In June 2010, eGestalt announced SecureGRC™, a patent-pending cloud-based SaaS solution that addresses all the enterprise needs around information security, compliance and risk management and provides automation and integration of policy controls to manage security and IT-GRC related issues.

XChange Americas is the largest IT channel event of the year, attracting over 1,000 attendees. This 3.5 day event brings together over 250 solution providers and leading industry vendors in diverse technology areas to build business relationships.

Having recently announced its Managed Compliance Provider channel strategy and program for the IT-GRC industry, eGestalt’s SecureGRC solution ( ) met the following five eligibility requirements to capture a large number of votes on the Breakthrough Technology Vendor ballot.

* New or enhanced product introduced to the channel in the past six months.
* Product creates new revenue streams and business opportunities.
* Product is a solution that channel partners would want to represent.
* Product contributes to solving real business technology needs; and lastly:
* Strong market opportunity for this product.

“To win recognition by the largest gathering of IT channel partners in the industry is a vote of confidence in our innovative IT-GRC cloud solution along with our unique channel based Go-to-Market strategy,” said Anupam Sahai, President, eGestalt Technologies Inc. ( ) “To meet any compliance requirement is a complex and expensive proposition especially for SMBs; that the channel recognizes our SaaS-based solution as being ideal for this market shows the pent-up demand for a simple IT-GRC managed compliance service.”

The XChange XCellence Awards winners are selected by top solution providers at each event and honor the vendors with the most exceptional products, programs and technologies.

Of interest to channel partners is that SecureGRC reduces the total cost of ownership by as much as 10x, making it ideal for cost-conscious small and mid-size organizations. Based on SecureGRC™, ( ) for the first time the channel can now deliver low-cost, high-value compliance services to their clients with unparalleled economics that are unprecedented in the industry.

Sponsored by Everything Channel Events, the XChange XCellence Awards measure business and technology integrator perceptions of vendor products, services, and programs during an XChange event. XChange attendees evaluate and score each vendor’s presentation, message and presence throughout the event, and awards are presented during the XChange XCellence Awards luncheon.

About Everything Channel:
Everything Channel is the premier provider of IT channel-focused events, media, research, consulting, and sales and marketing services. With over 30 years of experience and engagement, Everything Channel has the unmatched channel expertise to execute integrated solutions for technology executives managing partner recruitment, enablement and go-to-market strategy in order to accelerate technology sales. Everything Channel is a UBM company. To learn more about Everything Channel, visit us at

About eGestalt Technologies Inc.:
eGestalt Technologies Inc. is a world-class, innovation driven, leading provider of cloud-computing based enterprise solutions for Information Security and IT-GRC management. eGestalt is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has offices in US, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. The Consulting and development team in eGestalt Technologies in India was founded in 2007 by former Intel and IBM executives.

For further information about the company, please visit For further details please call (408) 689-2586 or email

All trademarks contained within this press release are the sole property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal, Inc
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(401) 349-3369

Virtosoftware Releases Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 with Support of Google Calendar as a Data Source

Virtosoftware released Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 – a new version of the powerful web part for calendar planning and management in Microsoft SharePoint. Integration with Google Calendar is the most important new feature of the version.

San Francisco, CA, September 09, 2010 — Virtosoftware released Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 — a new version of the powerful web part for calendar planning and management in Microsoft SharePoint. Integration with Google Calendar is the most important new feature of the version.

Virtosoftware has released Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 – a new version of its most popular web part for Microsoft SharePoint with additional tools for effective calendar planning and management that now supports Google Calendar ( ) as a data source for calendar events in addition to SharePoint lists, SQL tables, Exchange Calendar and XML files. Virto Ajax Calendar is designed to provide SharePoint users with extended features and capabilities that are not available in the standard SharePoint calendar, substantially expanding its functionality and effectiveness.

Originally Virto Ajax Calendar ( ) supported SharePoint lists and SQL tables and as sources of information to be displayed in the SharePoint calendar. Later on, Microsoft Exchange Calendar was made available as another Virto Ajax Calendar data source, while version 3.5 for the first time were able to use XML files in such quality. The new version offers an updated multiple data source support. In version 3.7 the fifth data source is available: now Virto Ajax Calendar is able to display information from Google Calendar. The new version is fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

With Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 ( ) one can easily create, view, manage and delete Google Calendar events in his SharePoint calendar, being sure that all the data in both SharePoint and Google calendars will be fully synchronized. Up to date Virto Ajax Calendar is the only SharePoint web part that provides users with opportunity to manage calendar entries from almost all possible sources: SharePoint lists, SQL tables, XML files, Microsoft Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar. To our knowledge none of the components that are available on the market allows for such an extended calendar data sources except Virto Ajax Calendar 3.7 which is already available for purchasing at very attractive price.

The new version of Virto Ajax Calendar ( ) and the recent versions of all other SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware are available at Visit the web site for more information about other products by Virtosoftware, trials, news, prices, special offers and updates as well as installation and user guides, and do not for get to follow us on Twitter:

About Virto Software:
VirtoSoftware, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, designs and builds innovative web parts for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 and 2010. Our comprehensive lineup includes calendar, alerts, collaboration, workflow and administration capabilities for SharePoint users.

More than 1500 users around the world have chosen our products to enhance their SharePoint activities. Virto Software is headquartered in 4 with offices worldwide. For more information or to browse Virto Software’s products, please visit or contact us:

Press & Media Contact:
Ms. Olga Kiner
PR Manager
San Francisco, CA 94101
+1 323 319 511

Scientific Breakthroughs in Mental Health Diagnoses | Northam Psychotechnologies

Ottawa, Ontario – The National Mental Health Association reports that over 65 million Americans suffer from some type of mental illness. By 2020, mental illness is projected to be the leading cause of the disease burden in North America. That obviously is a problem of staggering magnitude, with total costs to society in the hundreds of billions every year. Northam Psychotechnologies, an Ottawa, Ontario-based company holds the North American patent pending to futuristic technologies that provide a profoundly powerful solution to this problem.

Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement (SSRM) is a powerful psychological screening tool. It is the world’s first technology designed and utilized to meticulously measure the response of the subconscious mind outside of a laboratory setting. Internationally renowned brain researcher, Dr. Semyon Ioffe, has adapted this technology, which is the direct result of a worldwide body of scientific knowledge, to accommodate the North American conglomerate. He states, “We are the first testing and teaching Technology Company in the areas of Mental Health, and are able to effectively test for and detect early stages of mental disorders. We also test the effectiveness of medical or psychological treatment for mental disorders, and teach patients, on a subconscious level, to free themselves from drug and alcohol addictions, phobias, suicidal tendencies, PTSD and so much more.”

SSRM Tek can effectively enhance treatment accuracy and efficacy by determining the root causes of mental afflictions. Treatment times are significantly reduced. The necessity of follow-up procedures is diminished greatly. Unnecessary treatment methods are eliminated. And the results generated are virtually error-free. “SSRM Tek easily obtains invaluable information from a source that never lies: the subconscious mind.” Dr. Ioffe states further, “This technology has been in development for over five decades. It has surfaced strongly now and is the future of mental health care standards.”

SSRM Tek can determine the effectiveness of the treatment being provided to patients. Concurrent testing and re-testing can determine if the treatment is having positive effects on the patient and is able to follow up on the progress of the treatment. As the world’s first technology to measure the response of the subconscious mind outside a laboratory setting, this precise psychological screening tool can be used broadly in a multitude of fashions. Dr. Ioffe concludes, “We want everyone to feel very confident in requesting more information about SSRM Tek and encourage them to do so freely.”

About Northam Psychotechnologies: Ottawa-based Northam Psychotechnologies is an integrated solutions provider that utilizes SSRM Tek as the key tool to provide solutions for mental health issues. It is a registered Canadian company with shareholders. Northam Psychotechnologies, which holds both the US and Canadian patents pending, is owned by Dr. Semyon Ioffe. Dr. Ioffe, an internationally renowned brain researcher, is widely published and esteemed. A strong band of experts complement the SSRM Tek team, which is fully committed to helping keep North Americans safe and healthy.

Northam Psychotechnologies | Detection | Identification | Treatment

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Synowledge Announces 15 New Customer Wins Worldwide

LONDON — August 30, 2010 – Synowledge LLC, a market leader in drug safety and pharmacovigilance services and related IT solutions for life sciences organizations of all sized announced its largest customer win growth to-date. Synowledge signs 15 new customers in 2010 (including a fortune 100 company and a top 20 pharma company). These new accounts outline Synowledge’s accelerating growth in its customer base and revenues.

Synowledge’s proven ability to provide its customers with quality services is evident in this double digit customer account growth. Synowledge’s growth in customer wins was spurred by the expansion of its global customer base – as well as Synowledge’s excellent service to existing customers.

In the past one year, Synowledge has dramatically increased its customer base with a number of new customers, including a fortune 100 company and a top 20 pharma company across the globe. In addition, existing Synowledge customers continued to upgrade and expand their usage of Synowledge solutions. Synwoledge’s strategic direction and customer-focused approach continue to drive the company’s innovation and growth.

“Synowledge, backed by its strong expertise in drug safety, PV and IT solutions, continues to invest proactively in the strategic expansion of its solution suite. Our solutions continue to be chosen over those offered by some of the largest service providers in the industry,” said David Ingraham, Director, Marketing & Sales.

About Synowledge

Synowledge is a global provider of drug safety and pharmacovigilance services and related IT solutions to small, mid and large size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions combine the unique strengths of both onshore and offshore services to meet all our clients’ needs. With more than 15 years of industry experience, our core team members have worked with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and health provider organizations. We have our headquarters located in Stamford CT, USA and additional offices in Bangalore, India and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit


Synowledge Continues Global Expansion with New Offices in UK and USA

LONDON — August 30, 2010 – Synowledge LLC, the market leader in drug safety and pharmacovigilance services and related IT solutions for life sciences organizations announced its inauguration of two new offices in Brentford, UK and Columbus OH, USA as part of its ongoing global growth strategy. These two new offices will act as strategic development centers and will also provide support services to Synowledge’s expanding client-base in the US and UK markets. The office addresses are given below:

UK Office Address:

Synowledge UK Limited

1000 Great West Road

Brentford, TW8 9HH

United Kingdom

USA Office Address:

1900 Polaris Parkway, Suite 450

Columbus, Ohio


The decision to establish these two new offices in the US and UK is a result of the significant customer wins Synowledge has experienced in 2010. The expertise of Synowledge’s professionals and their ability to work closely with its customers as a trusted partner have resulted in significant growth in customer base and enhanced level of interest in our solutions.

The USA and UK region is a key market for Synowledge, and we recognize how important these two new facilities are for both our existing business initiatives and future strategic campaigns in the region. In addition to meeting current challenges for Synwoledge’s strategic growth, these two facilities will allow Synowledge to deliver superior sales and support to our customers and to the growing prospect base in the regions.

“We have seen a growing need from our clients in these two regions. Strengthening our presence in key regions around the globe is among a number of current programs we have launched to improve our customer service and build stronger relationships with our customers around the world.” said David Ingraham, Director, Marketing & Sales, “Since embarking on its worldwide strategic expansion plan in 2006, Synowledge is committed to deliver on technology innovation by continually improving our ability to service our current and new clients’ needs.”

About Synowledge

Synowledge is a global provider of drug safety and pharmacovigilance services and related IT solutions to small, mid and large size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions combine the unique strengths of both onshore and offshore services to meet all our clients’ needs. With more than 15 years of industry experience, our core team members have worked with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and health provider organizations. We have our headquarters located in Stamford CT, USA and additional offices in Bangalore, India and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit


Yamgo Unveils Mobile Disco With The Worldwide Launch Of Clubbing TV

Clubbing TV, the world’s first 24/7 music channel dedicated to electronic music, DJ & club culture, has launched its live TV channel on Yamgo, the world’s leading mobile TV network.

Clubbing TV, based in Paris but recognised the world over, is the latest channel to launch on the mobile content delivery network and will provide an exclusive showcase for dance music content, from global artists and labels, across mobile phones worldwide.

The channel, available on mobile for the first time, will feature a combination of the hottest new music videos and some of dance music’s most popular classics featuring the biggest artists, DJs and producers.

Viewers will be able to enjoy regular club reports from the hottest clubs and dance floors worldwide, including dance hotspots like New York, Miami, London, Tokyo and Ibiza, and exclusive interviews with the best international DJs anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

The new channel will deliver the best of club culture to almost all mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Blackberry, and will feature a schedule comprising of exclusive video shows from some of dance music’s biggest events. Mobile users will have access to footage from world renowned electro festivals including Juicy Beach Miami, Amsterdam Dance Event, Barcelona Summer Week and Hikkaduwa Beach Festival.

“We are delighted to start this new adventure with Yamgo. Making Clubbing TV available free of charge on all mobiles to our fans has always been part of our strategy of spreading electronic music worldwide  and we are very happy to team up with Yamgo and provide the best viewer experience on mobiles” added Clubbing TV Content Manager Nikolay Nachev.

Yamgo Launches Clubbing TV Globally On Mobile Phones

The partnership between Yamgo and Clubbing TV, the dance music experts, will offer viewers great shows that are not available anywhere else on mobile; including “Star DJs” featuring Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Armin van Buuren, Benny Benassi and Paul Oakenfold, “Defected Clubland Adventures” featuring Axwell, Bob Sinclar and Groove Armada and the very best action from the Balearics in “Ibiza Fun Times”.

“The global dance music market is made up primarily of fans who like to travel, discover new music, new trends and new experiences. This passion for dance music, fashion and lifestyle combined with the popularity of new technology and social networking amongst dance enthusiasts makes mobile TV an ideal platform for the distribution of Clubbing TV” stated Mr Vignol Co-Founder and Partner of Clubbing TV. “Yamgo’s extensive reach across the world and expertise with mobile content delivery will play a key role in our goal to maximize the availability of electronic music programming and expand our audience demographic globally.”

Ian Mullins, CEO and Founder of Yamgo stated “As the  premier broadcaster dedicated to dance music, DJs and club culture Clubbing TV can take full advantage of the Yamgo mobile TV network to deliver audiences the most comprehensive catalogue of music entertainment available on mobile devices.  It’s great to have them on the network and allow consumers anywhere and at anytime to watch high quality dance music video.”

Clubbing TV, the home of electronic music, DJs and club culture, will be available on mobile devices worldwide with Yamgo at


Ian Mullins                              Gareth Mugford                                  Nikolay Nachev

CEO and Founder                    Head of Marketing                             Content Manager

+44 (0)1792 614691               +44 (0)1792 614691                           +33 1 80 84 54 84

Notes to Editors

About Yamgo Ltd

Yamgo is a mobile TV network that delivers live TV and video clips to mobile phones worldwide. Consumers use Yamgo to watch free TV on almost any mobile device and share the experience with friends. Media companies, broadcasters and service providers worldwide use Yamgo’s unique and end-to-end mobile TV solution to ingest, host, manage, optimise, deliver and monetise live TV and video on mobile devices.

Yamgo’s technology platform has been designed to maximise the compatibility across networks and phones. It does this by dynamically adapting video streams to address the different needs of more than 1,000 mobile devices and networks from 2.5G to Wi-Fi. Yamgo delivers the experiences of live television, primetime programming and video-on-demand services on all major device platforms including Java, Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and more.

Yamgo was founded in 2005 by Ian Mullins, an expert in mobile TV technology and publishing.  Ian led the team from producing made-for-mobile video clips to the development of a carrier grade mobile TV platform specialising in the delivery of real-time linear TV and catch up TV programming. His vision is to deliver free live TV and video to mobile phones around the globe and empower consumers with access to their favourite TV shows anytime anywhere. Yamgo has offices in Swansea and Oxford and a team of experts from the Mobile, IT and TV industries.

For more information about Yamgo’s managed end-to-end services and hosted content delivery technology and solutions, please visit:

About Clubbing TV

Clubbing TV is the 1st international 24/7 TV channel exclusively dedicated to electronic music, DJs and Club culture.

Clubbing TV is available worldwide with free access on BIS TV on line network & and in various IPTV/Triple Play or DVB-T offers in France, Belgium, Africa, Portugal, Poland, Austria…etc

Our aim is to offer a complete and global vision on the international Clubbing scene right through our different programs, each one showing a different face of this attractive and entertaining world.  And of course, Clubbing TV is offering a great selection of original electro-dance music videos rocking the styles from Dance & House Music to deep Techno Minimal, Trance, Chill Out and more.

Watch, Participate, Get In Touch, Celebrate, Dance… This is Clubbing TV

For more information about Clubbing TV, please visit:

Clubbing TV S.A.S 34, Avenue Des Champs Elysées, 75008 PARIS – France

A new single, “Lights Out”, will be released September 28, 2010 by recording artists Fallon and Felisha

A new single, “Lights Out”, will be released September 28, 2010 by recording artists Fallon and Felisha. “Lights Out” is a club-banging, fist-pumping tribute to being young and alive. It sets the party mood for anyone who wants to dance and embrace the moment. As Fallon describes it, “It’s one of my favorite songs to perform. I think our fans will appreciate the energy!”

Fallon and Felisha have had an impact on the music industry for many years. They started their careers alongside their sisters, Farrah and Neosha, in the popular R&B group, Cherish. Their debut album “Unappreciated”, received much critical acclaim. It was certified gold and debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, making them one of only a few R&B girl groups to hit the charts top five in almost a year. Their hit single, “Do It To It,” landed the number twelve spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 and was listed on many other Billboard charts including the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

The twins are currently building on the success and experience they had with the group Cherish and are now expanding their artistic genius toward a broader audience. In Felisha’s words,” I’ve always had a love and passion for pop music. Music, to me, is supposed to reflect who you really are, reaching across genres, and relating to individuals from all walks of life”.

Through their lyrics, they share insight into being young and dealing with relationships. They are inspired by an eclectic mix of artists, and drawing upon that inspiration they are ready to relate to a diverse group of people. In this new decade of a continuously changing music industry, Fallon and Felisha are ready to begin a new era.

The new single “Lights Out” will be available for downloads on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace, eMusic and online store. The official website is also set to launch September 28, 2010.

Artist Manager
Aris Golemi
Ph: 404-808-6546
P. O Box 191731
Atlanta, GA 31119

For press inquiries and further information, please contact:
Margaret Moseley
Acting Director, Communications
Ph: 404-514-4258
Fax: 404-634-6909

Possible £2.7bn Bill for PPI Reclaim Compensation

The Financial Services Authority has announced that compensation for mis-sold PPI reclaims could reach as much as £2.7bn and involve 2.75 million people in the UK. Complaints regarding PPI reclaims are expected to rise to over 550,000 per year for the next five years, with compensation for PPI reclaims varying from £900 – £1,800 per person.

The FSA found ‘wide and deep evidence of weakness in PPI sales’ over the last five years and warned lenders they have until December 1st 2010 to adopt a new set of rules that deal with PPI reclaim complaints, key features of which include:

If the customer would not have bought the policy in the first place, the PPI premiums plus interest should be reimbursed.
If the customer was persuaded to buy a premium with a single up-front payment instead of a regular premium policy, the customer should be reinstated to the position they would have been if they had done.
Dan Waters of the FSA said: “The rules are the culmination of months of hard work and now, with these measures, we look forward to consumers being treated fairly whether they are buying or complaining about PPI. Since we took over the regulation of PPI we’ve carried out 24 investigations and three thematic reviews, issued warnings, halted the selling of single premium PPI with unsecured personal loans, visited over 200 firms, and handed out some very significant fines.”

Lenders up in arms about new PPI reclaim rules

Many have argued the new PPI reclaim rules are unnecessary and disproportionate, with lenders waging a behind-the-scenes campaign to stop the new regulations from being instated.

However, the FSA is adamant the new rules are necessary given the behaviour of some lenders when faced with dealing with PPI reclaims. Some lenders have been automatically turning down almost half of the PPI reclaim complaints they receive with others have been rejecting every single one. Of those customers who had their PPI reclaims rejected, 1 in 3 turned to the Financial Ombudsman Service for help and 80% had their complaints upheld. Such is the extent of the problem, last year the FSA instructed lenders to open up 185,000 rejected PPI reclaims and review them.

For claims comparison site,, the behaviour of the lenders is nothing new. “The new FSA rules are incredibly welcome, For years lenders have been mis-selling PPI insurance alongside loans to everyone they could. Often they knew the premiums to be unnecessary or that the customer would be unable to claim on the policy because they were exempt from doing so when they took them out. Sometimes they didn’t even bother telling the borrower they were adding a PPI premium. Customers had no idea they even had an insurance policy.”

The spokesperson added; “The numbers of people coming to us for help with PPI reclaims has risen dramatically over the last 12 months and some of the stories we are hearing are quite shocking. It’s quite obvious the lenders are banking on people being disillusioned and put off when they repeatedly reject their PPI reclaims. That’s why many people need a helping hand from companies like ours to deal with the tactics of these unscrupulous lenders who have simply instated a blanket ban on dealing with PPI reclaims regardless of the merit of the customer’s case. Luckily we understand PPI reclaim law and aren’t so easily put off by the tactics of lenders”.

The Competition Commission is also expected to announce a ban on selling PPI policies at the point when someone is granted a loan. Some lenders however have realised the game is up and have already stopped offering polices, including HSBC and Lloyds.

But it’s all too little too late for the millions of people who were caught and still face a battle to get their money back.

Contact Details:
Finance House,
Stockport Road,
WA15 8ET

Tel: 0800 043 2027