RaceUWin One of the Most Popular Sites in America for Online Horse Racing Results

Portland, Oregon (November 8, 2010) – Horse racing and betting is second is sports popularity only to baseball. With more than 150 racetracks in the United States alone, this has become a highly popular sport over the past few years. http://www.raceuwin.com provides users with a much more advanced way to place bets. Online horse racing has gained substantially in popularity over the past few years. Today, one out of every five wagers is placed online. However, in order for betters to gain an edge they need cutting edge technology and the ability to really leverage their cash. RaceUWin provides its members with just that.

RaceUWin provides members with a place to watch live horse racing results as well as past races. Race results can be viewed at any time and free membership enables users to see live races while they are happening. The site offers the most up to date racing results online. At http://www.raceuwin.com, members are granted access to the most updated wagering tools, information and many other benefits. The site is part of the online horse betting industry and is licensed and regulated in the United States. They provide phone as well as internet betting on various horse races and cover more races and racetracks in the United States and abroad than any other betting company in the world.

In addition, the site offers a Player Rewards Program for members that provide a comprehensive and innovative alternative to larger wagering options that are currently available. The site strives to provide the most updated and advanced wagering tools for members and ensure that all practices are honest and legal. Those who are new to horseracing and betting can find information on the site that will help them to be part of this exciting industry. Online account wagering tools are powered by eBet Technologies and all bets that are placed through the site are secure. Free live videos are provided as well as a slew of informative articles and posts related to horse racing and betting. RaceUWin offers a user friendly site, various deposit methods, more than 100 tracks from which to choose, new member contests and various other benefits for joining. They are famed for their World Class customer service as well as the live video feed for various races, free racing news and weekly specials that are offered and the ease of sign up with no hidden fees.


6130 NE 78th Court, Suite C4
Portland, OR 97218
Telephone: 877-782-9994
Fax: 503-253-0140

Scaling Caused by Hard Water Can Be Prevented Without Using Environment Damaging Chemicals

The presence of calcium carbonate in water gives rise to the formation of a deposit of hard scale on surfaces particularly when water is heated. In dairies this is a severe problem where it forms on stainless steel and is required to be removed by using chemicals. These chemicals then have to be thoroughly rinsed off before equipment is reused to avoid contaminating the milk. Of course all the chemicals being rinsed off go into the drains and then into streams and rivers. But there is also another problem caused by the scale. In addition to being difficult to remove and reducing the efficiency of the plant presence of calcium provides a surface upon which protein matter can deposit and bacteria can then breed. This deposition is called milk stone.

Stainless steel is used for good reason in dairies because it is not prone to corrosion and has a very smooth surface… But Scale destroys all this and leads to the requirement to spend hours chemical cleaning and scouring.

Lalu Farms of Sparta Tennessee found a solution to this problem, one that was totally environment friendly and that saved hours on manpower, eliminated chemicals and reduced the risk of bacterial contamination.

By installing a Scaletron catalytic water conditioner manufactured by Fluid Dynamics International they were able to neutralise the calcium carbonate in the water so that it did not form a hard scale and did not stick to the pipework or other stainless steel surfaces. The end result as the owners of the dairy say in their report is that they “saved huge amounts of chemicals and tons of man hours and considerable amounts of money”. Milk stone has been totally eliminated since the installation of the Scaletron Catalytic conditioner that treats all the water coming from a well with 400ppm of hardness.

The Scaletron works by imparting a small electrical charge into the water and this affects the calcium carbonate in such a way that it does not form a hard scale. The technology developed by Fluid Dynamics is used worldwide in the food industry, engineering, motor manufacturing and buildings. Clients range from Unilever to Honda and from the City Mall in Jordan to the Kempinski Hotel in Dubai and include Cambridge University in England. Simply installed in the pipework the product requires no maintenance and has no moving parts. Over 250,000 are installed worldwide.

Contact Details: Fluid Dynamics International Inc, 702 N West Street, Suite
101, Wilmington Delaware DE19801 USA Tel : 302 482 8722

The soft flavour of hazelnut turns coffee into a new taste experience

Gert Strand AB is now launching four flavours for coffee. After achieving success with 16 flavours for carbonated water the company’s founder, Gert Strand, is taking a step forward by selling flavours for coffee. The four flavours in the selection are Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Amaretto.

Aromhuset’s Hazelnut flavour for coffee has a deep, nutty taste. It is mild and rich, and gives coffee a softer and slightly sweeter taste. Of the four flavours Hazelnut is the most accessible, whilst still being as rich in flavour as the other three. Those who like nougat, full-bodied and soft flavours will love the taste of Aromhuset’s Hazelnut in their coffee.

Strand’s ambition is to create flavours that have no negative effects on health. In most cases good flavours go hand in hand with large amounts of sugar or artificial chemical sweeteners. Neither of these alternatives is attractive to the increasingly health-conscious population of Sweden – quite the opposite as it is sugar and chemical additives that most people try and avoid. Aromhuset’s products are completely free from both sugar and artificial sweeteners, and for this reason do not taste syrupy sweet, adding instead a natural sweetness.

You can even enjoy Aromhuset’s lively coffee flavours without worrying about increased calorie intake – they are completely calorie free. Compared with the many syrups that can be found in the coffee shops Aromhuset’s flavours are a large step forward. A syrup consists of large amounts of sugar, which means that most people either completely or partially avoid experimenting with flavouring their coffee. Now the perfect solution exists for those who are curious about adding flavours to their coffee.

All four flavours Aromhuset has developed for coffee are well balanced and give a clear, rich taste. Hazelnut is the softest and most well-rounded of the flavours, while Amaretto has the most distinctive and sharpest. Vanilla is light and sweet and Chocolate has the deepest, most captivating taste. They are all different so that there is a taste available for everybody to appreciate and fall in love with.

The coffee flavours have the same bottle as the the flavours for carbonated water. It is a small bottle measuring around 8 cm and holding 30 ml of essence. Adding the dosage is as simple as before – 2/3 of a bottle cap to every cup of coffee. These recommendations are of course very general and Strand encourages everybody to experiment in this respect and find the right measurements for themselves. A clever little pipette is also included to help in the search for your personal favourite dose. This makes it simpler to add the flavour to coffee when it is served in larger or smaller volumes than the standard cup.

Thomas Strom, salesman for Gert Strand AB, says that they are also on the lookout for more resellers for their new coffee essences. Today they can be purchased at, amongst other places, allfreightfree.com.


Product picture at: http://allfreightfree.com/images/medium/70013_CoffeFlavor_Chocolate_MED.jpg

The Law Offices of David J. Joffe – Focusing on Providing the Best Criminal Defense

Miami,FL – November 7, 2010 – The first bit of advice given to clients by criminal defense attorney, David J. Joffe is if you are called to testify before the grand jury or accused of a criminal act, call a criminal lawyer before speaking to anyone, especially law enforcement officers.

“It can mean the difference between spending time in a Federal prison and living your life out in the free world!!” says Joffe.

The law offices of David Joffe specialize in helping those who are suspect in or are accused of criminal offenses. Focusing on clients whose professional assets, reputation and social status would be ruined if convicted of a crime, the David Joffe has represented attorneys, entrepreneurs, stock brokers, CEO’s and bank officers as well as many others.

While the concentration of his practice is white collar crime, it is not limited to just this sector. Since 1989, David J. Joffe has handled many criminal proceedings involving drug possession, tax crimes, theft, money laundering, conspiracy and fraud to name a few. As a member of the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, Mr. Joffe is ranked in the top 5% of all attorneys practicing in the U.S.

This criminal defense attorney is also a lifetime member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as a lifetime member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is also ranked AV by Martindale Hubbell, the A meaning the highest level of legal ability and the V meaning the superior observance of the professional code of diligence, reliability, ethics and conduct shown.

Accepting international law cases as well as Federal cases across the U.S. and other areas of the world, he has assisted clients in Europe, the Middle East and many Caribbean, South American and Central American countries. His staff is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Spanish and supports all languages.

To request a confidential consultation if you have been accused of or are under suspicion of a crime, contact the law offices of criminal defense attorney, David J. Joffe today at http://www.joffelaw.com. Use the form to let them know the type of assistance needed. A reply will be received within 24 hours.

Contact Information:
Website: www.joffelaw.com
Email: davidjjoffe@aol.com
Telephone: 3053582503 (Miami)

IT, Software and Web Maintenance – In-house or Outsource: Pros and Cons

Do you ever wonder if it is fine outsourcing your web or IT infrastructure maintenance to a 3rd party vendor. Here are a few factors which may help you decide about it.

In-House Maintenance vs. Maintenance by outsourced vendor

(In-house) How much training is required? How much does it cost in dollars and lost productivity?
(Outsourced) No training required

(In-house) What happens when your staff leaves your company or change jobs? What does hiring, retention, training, and management cost?
(Outsourced) The 3rd party vendor takes care of the staff augmentation & retention.

(In-house) Who covers for your staff on sick days and Vacation?
(Outsourced) No sick days as outsourced team will be having multiple resources.

(In-house) What if needs increase or decrease? Can you add a few hours each week if you need to? Reduce a few?
(Outsourced) Starts immediately. Easy to adjust hours as needed in any increment.

(In-house) Does your company own the necessary equipment and software? How much is that costing you?
(Outsourced) Outsourced vendor is responsible to invest in the necessary software

(In-house) Does your daily routine occupies most of your time and you are not able to concentrate on your business growth?
(Outsourced) You will be able to concentrate more on your business growth and enhancing that.

(In-house) Do you think IT is not your competency?
(Outsourced) IT outsourced company work on their IT competency.

(In-house) You want to enhance your IT solution but you are not assisted by your management?
(Outsourced) The 3rd party vendor will assist you in managing nearly all of your IT needs and at much lower costs to company.

(In-house) Do you want to enhance your website by implementing new tools into it without effecting its day to day operations?
(Outsourced) Outsourcing helps you to accomplish this.

Should you be looking for such a service, feel free to visit:

www.palinfocom.net/maintain.html or email maintain@palinfocom.net

Pal Ahuja: International IT Consultant

Contact information:

Safaris in East Africa

Nairobi, 11.07.2010 – Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any purpose and any duration, with or without any means of transport. Africa is the second largest continent, with over 30.2 million square kilometers of land. Many of the world’s best natural attractions can be found in this continent. Going on an Africa safari ensures that you get the best and closer look to wild animals in their natural habitats.

Mara Ways Tours & Travel offers African safari tours that covering natural attractions like national park, national reserves and forests. A small understanding of African ecology will go a long way toward enriching your safari experience, for the wonder of the animals is heightened by an appreciation and awareness of their total environment.

Kenya is also blessed with beautiful pristine beaches along its Coast at Mombasa. The natural stage at the Masai Mara is set for the world’s most fascinating wildlife spectacle; the migration coming all the way from the Serengeti’s endless plains in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara.

No other place on earth can offer Kenya Safari holiday enthusiasts as much to see and do within the borders of one single country like Kenya. Going on a safari in Kenya will let you experience the golden savannahs rich with various African wildlife, timeless cultures unchanged by modern world, pristine beaches with coral reefs, mighty snow-capped mountains, rain forests, searing deserts, cool highland retreats plus an endless opportunity for both relaxation and safari adventures.

Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park are two of the top safari destinations for those wishing to go on a Tanzania safari. The Crater is home to the wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards and most other species that are native to East Africa. Going on a Tanzania safari at the Ngorongoro Crater will offer tourists the adventure of a lifetime. The lush forests and spring lakes attract both predators and grazers throughout the year.

About AfricaTravelHolidays.com

AfricaTravelHolidays.com provides the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that your safari in Africa will leave pleasant memories in your mind for years to come. They also offer accommodation bookings in East Africa Top Hotels including 5 star hotels, luxurious lodges and bush homes in Kenya and Tanzania.

For more information visit: www.africatravelholidays.com

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Holidays at the Mombasa Beach in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, 11.07.2010 – Mombasa is Kenya’s top beach destinations that share the Indian Ocean waters. Mombasa is an island, connected to the mainland by causeways, bridges and ferry. As you approach from the ocean, one of the most remarkable sights is the imposing Fort Jesus which was built to guard the harbor entrance and solidify the presence of the Portuguese along the Kenyan Coast. Mombasa has become important as a safari hub and many tourists come to the beach before or after a safari to relax.

Cottages in Mombasa offer lowly priced accommodation alternatives to pricier beach resorts there. Mombasa is suited for backpackers, friends, or school groups. Cottages in Mombasa are equipped with satellite TV, overhead fans and well appointed kitchens featuring every modern facility. Each cottage is unique with varied designs to cater for different sizes of families and groups.

Cottages in Mombasa offer a tranquil alternative away from the chaos of noisy resorts. They are hygienic and secure enough for guests to enjoy their beach adventure carefree. Costs are also fairly priced to cater for guests on tight budget. Day trips are offered to places like Fort Jesus, Gedi Ruins and Watamu and Mombasa Marine Parks.

Get away from the crowds, ride a camel on the beach, snorkel in a protected lagoon and sail in a dhow – all these await you at the Mombasa hotels along the idyllic Indian Ocean coast. Of course, sun-worshipping on palm-fringed blindingly white sandy beaches is a priority. Most Hotels in Mombasa offer a choice of all-inclusive or half-board. The bed linens and towels are changed daily, satellite TVs were recently added, all rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with good size balconies on which to relax to cooling ocean breezes.

The Mombasa beach hotels has rooms and suites, several of which are inter-connected for large families, the usual water sports, and a diving school, a glass – bottom boat for viewing coral and daily dhow safaris for picnics or romantic sundowners. Guests can choose from seafront and palm view rooms, executive suites and two presidential suites. Restaurants offer options for 24 hour dining, daily international buffet and fresh seafood whereas a variety of pampering Oriental, western and Ayurvedic treatments. Mombasa is well connected to Moi International Airport.
About Maragates.com

Maragates.com is the official site of the travel agency Mara Gates, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Maragates.com provides information about the Hotels in Mombasa and Cottages in Mombasa various tour packages, wildlife safaris and other necessary information, which are of great help to the tourists.Margates.com can make tour plan enjoyable with sweet memories.

For more information visit: http://www.maragates.com

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Healthy Golden Retriever Dogs

Nairobi, Kenya, 11.07.2010 – Golden Retriever Dogs may look cute and innocent, but without the proper house training, he can become quite a nuisance. When you adopt a dog, start training him early to go to the bathroom outside and not on your carpet. Golden retrievers are smart and obedient dogs, so with consistency, house training can be easy. Once your dog has a clean bill of health, start the lessons. When dogs are very young, they don’t have the ability to hold their urine and bowel movements. A dog is one of the best family pets because of their friendliness and loyalty to the owners.

Regarding Golden retriever potty training, pick a spot for your dog to relieve himself. Wherever you train your dog to go to the bathroom, keep it consistent. Golden retrievers are creatures of habit and will be more successful if you keep the routine the same.

Golden retrievers do not like publicity when attending to their needs thus their privacy should be enhanced at all costs. Ensure that the place has got some dirt or grass to help it clean itself after the whole process to avoid embarrassing smell. Clean the place using water and vinegar or any other detergent to remove the smell.

Grooming golden retriever dogs is an interesting process and that all areas should get attention – teeth, nails, eyes, ears as well as skin and cleaned in the appropriate way. The first thing is to get all the necessary equipment. One of the golden rules in this regard is never shave a golden retriever. Their heavy coat keeps the dog safe from effects of extreme heat and cold.

Bathe him with a good quality shampoo and brush the teeth. Pay close attention to the eyes and ears, removing all build-up of particles to avoid occurrence of bacteria. Grooming the dog will also include clipping of nails at least once every week to prevent them from twisting.

Golden Retriever Kennels are always supposed to be kept clean. Before putting your dog in Golden Retriever kennels, you should also consider enough space is there. They are mandatory for all Golden Retriever Kennels since the dogs need to be immunized and regularly checked for pests and diseases. If by any chance you need to breed the dogs, you should ensure that you build your Golden Retriever kennels in a location where you are sure of getting a breeder.

About GoldenRetrieverDogs.net

GoldenRetrieverDogs.net gives you a complete idea about concern and care that you have to provide for GoldenRetrieverDogs and the ways to make your dog happy. Detailed information about various ways of training and maintenance of GoldenRetrieverDogs can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit: www.goldenretrieverdogs.net

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Top tips to have a fantastic Winter Wonderland Wedding at WeddingForum.co.uk

When planning your wedding there are two main things that are the most important; the church or place you are getting married at and the venue you are having your reception. As guests walk into the room with all the tables laid out and decorated, it can really create a fun and elegant atmosphere to eat and celebrate in. WeddingForum.co.uk has all the information, advice and tips you need to stay relaxed and plan your special big day, especially if you are going for the Winter Wonderland theme. With the new website launching in January, WeddingForum.co.uk features loads of wedding ideas , and news to create that perfect wedding. Simply log on to the Wedding Forum and chat with other bride-to-be’s about themes, decors and fantasies, with hundreds of ideas at your fingertips to create the most unique wedding of a kind. Wedding planning can be very tense and demanding and the team here realise this. They know how time-consuming it is and how many people do not have the money to hire wedding planners. That is why they have built this website to contain all the information you need in one place, the perfect platform, to help those nervous grooms.

WeddingForum.co.uk , the UK’s No1 Independent Wedding Forum, bring together brides and wedding suppliers in the Wedding Forum to offer all sorts of deals and information that will meet your needs, requirements and taste. Forum topics include fashion and beauty, before and after, the big day, the reception and your suggestions. There are also other topics such as For Sale and Wanted. In these chats you can talk about anything from where to buy an ice sculpture in your area to how to do your makeup as an Ice Queen for the day. The website also features supplier directories with listings of wedding cake makers, local florists, dress makers and suit hire specialists. Visit the Best Online Wedding Portal for Wedding news at www.weddingforum.co.uk

CompanionLink Releases App to Synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Smartphones

CompanionLink Software, Inc., a leader in data synchronization between wireless mobile devices and desktop contact managers, today announced availability of CompanionLink for Outlook.

Portland, OR, November 08, 2010 — CompanionLink Software, Inc. ( http://www.companionlink.com ), a leader in data synchronization between wireless mobile devices and desktop contact managers, today announced availability of CompanionLink for Outlook. CompanionLink’s sync software for Microsoft Outlook offers four methods to sync Outlook address book, calendar, tasks and notes with popular smartphone platforms. CompanionLink for Outlook is available for a one-time cost of $39.95.

CompanionLink offers various options for bi-directional data transfer between desktop contact managers and CRM suites and the latest phones and tablets. They support sync of address books, calendars, tasks and notes from Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, GoldMine and ACT! with the world’s most popular smartphones and mobile devices, including Google Android, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and other leading brands.

The four methods to sync Outlook include: 1) Direct USB Sync; 2) Local Wi-Fi Sync; 3) Sync via Google; and 4) CL Secure Hosted Sync.

* Direct USB Sync provides a fast and secure method to sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with any Android, BlackBerry, Palm webOS or Windows Mobile device. This method ensures maximum data security because it does not use a cloud-based service to store or exchange data.

* Local Wi-Fi Sync allows synchronizing Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to iPhone, iPad and Android (coming soon) using a home or office Wi-Fi network. The PC and mobile phone are connected to the same network, through which CompanionLink synchronizes data. Users get a secure wireless sync with no monthly fees.

* Sync via Google takes Outlook contacts and calendar and syncs them with any Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account. Using the free Google Sync service, Google provides wireless sync of contacts and calendar to any Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, or Windows Mobile device.

* CL Secure Hosted Sync is a wireless subscription service ($9.95/month) that provides secure and automatic wireless sync of all data types to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. Data will sync automatically anywhere the device has a wireless data connection.

“CompanionLink’s new Outlook sync product gives people more control over their data,” says Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing for CompanionLink. “Users want a choice when it comes to the security of their data, and CompanionLink provides a variety of methods to choose from to sync their Outlook data to their phone.”

For more information, including a 14-day free evaluation of the software, please visit http://www.companionlink.com/outlook.

About CompanionLink Software:
For more than 15 years, CompanionLink Software has been a pioneering developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They are also a leading OEM synchronization and solutions provider for companies like Sage Software®, NVIDIA®, Google®, Commence® Corporation, and Royal Consumer Electronic Products®. CompanionLink’s mission is to mobilize information across multiple devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information visit http://www.companionlink.com.

CompanionLink is a registered trademark of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

For More Details Contact:
Rushang Shah
CompanionLink Software
(503) 243-3400

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