Baby with Limb Deficiency Inspires Unique Book That Offers Hope to Families

Imagine…Amazing Me, a book featuring simple, yet inspiring photos of children engaged in a variety of activities despite having limb and extremity differences.

Valley View, OH, October 08, 2010 — Amazed by the capabilities of her physically disabled daughter, author Libbi Chilia created Imagine…Amazing Me, a book featuring simple, yet inspiring photos of children engaged in a variety of activities despite having limb and extremity differences. This book disbands any misconceptions about people with disabilities. “I feel my book reaches out to all people and teaches about physical diversities,” Chilia said.

Her daughter, Sami, now 6 years old, was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, a rare, non-hereditary birth defect that affects the pelvis, particularly the hip bone and the proximal femur. Chilia said she looked for books featuring children with similar disabilities to read to her little girl. When she found absolutely nothing on store or library book shelves, she decided to create one herself and began gathering photos of children from across the United States and Canada through online support groups she joined after her daughter was born.

Meanwhile, Sami was starting to walk and get into everything and Chilia was inspired by what the toddler was able to do. The loving mom said she wanted Sami to see children like herself and for other people to see just how amazing children with limb differences are. “I thought to myself, this can be very powerful. So I prayed about it and I wrote it. Well, actually, God wrote it. It was not my plan to be an author. I was going to be a little teacher….. a little mom.”

Since publishing her book, the middle school special education teacher has received emotional responses from both parents and children inspired by her book. Recently, she received a letter from a mom who came across the book while still pregnant. Devastated by the news her baby was to be born with a limb difference, the expectant mother said Chilia’s book gave her light in one of her darkest hours and provided her with hope and inspiration.

“It is these letters that show me how much this book was needed,” Chilia said. “I even received a letter from a mom who visited one of the websites listed in my book which led to her daughter being diagnosed. These letters come from people who, while I don’t know how they were led to my book, I am so thankful that they were because they show me the reason I wrote the book continues to be carried on. It is truly a blessing.”

Chilia grew up in Parma Heights, Ohio where she now lives with her husband of 17 years, Tony, and three children, Nick, 11, Nate, 7, and Sami. She previously taught seventh grade math and recently earned her masters degree at Cleveland State University. The author has made school appearances with her book and has been featured on television and in the local newspaper. Copies of Imagine…Amazing Me ( ) were purchased by the Cleveland Clinic, Mary Freebed Center for Limb Differences in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Shriners Hospital in Erie, Pa. to give to families of children with limb differences. The Cuyahoga County Regional Library system also purchased copies to feature at various branches throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

To order Imagine…Amazing Me,

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Support Products Now Available on

DementiaWeb has recently launched their leading online shop which brings together hundreds of support products for people suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Oxon, UK, October 07, 2010 — Dealing and living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is probably one of the most life changing events that you will ever encounter, but there are products on the market that can help people living with or careering for someone with this illness. DementiaWeb has recently launched their leading online shop which brings together hundreds of support products for people suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The aim of the fully ecommerce enabled online shop is to help people with dementia, their family, carers and professionals who look after them. DementiaWeb ( ) now offers a selection of award-winning specialist care products for positioning and pressure care, dementia, incontinence, end of life care, learning difficulties and special needs.

DementiaWeb’s online shop ( ) set out to provide a wide range of practical products for the disabled and elderly to improve your quality of life in nursing and residential care homes and to extend that range into your home. By combining local UK production and overseas manufacture we can provide a specialist service at an affordable price. uses trusted manufacturers and suppliers, people with a track record of making products that actually work for sufferers.

A small selection of the products include:

* Adaptive Clothing
* Comfort Aids And Underwear
* Continence & Bed Protection
* Living Aids
* Positioning An Pressure Care
* Toileting Accessories
* Walking Aids

There are a wide range of items suited to a large selection of uses specifically focused on the care of people who have a dementia and Alzheimer’s. By using purposely engineered products these can make life so much easier and more comfortable. Any product that can offer a practical solution is vital for the people having to live with this condition, and the Dementia Web team ( ) have sourced trusted products from trusted manufacturers.

If you are looking for products to make life easier when it comes to living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s then head over to the online shop on Dementia Web –

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David Beck
Dementia Web UK
Dementia web
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Camelot Castle Acquires Prime Stonehenge Internet Portal

Stonehenge, one of the most important loved and visited tourist destinations in the British Isles, acquired a new Patron and Guardianship today… Camelot Castle.

Tintagel, Cornwall, October 07, 2010 — The Diamond Jewel of Cornwall, the stunning castle hotel in Tintagel – Camelot Castle – is proud to announce that it acquired today the domain name

The owners of Camelot Castle had this to say:

“We are very delighted that we have been able to acquire one of the most important and historic internet portals. It is a tremendous honour, duty and responsibility. Stonehenge is an eternal testimony to man’s search for truth and his spiritual legacy.

“Man’s cultural journey and search for truth through his religions and faiths is the only true road that we all have in common as human beings and we believe that this is one of the reasons that Stonehenge attracts more and more visitors every year.” , which may receive in excess of 1.5 million on line visitors a year, will act for many as a powerful portal to that search for truth. In addition, it will become an entrance point to a new internet news network that is dedicated to forwarding helpful positive news that assists in man’s spiritual rise and search for truth.

The website contains a unique perspective on the history and purposes of Stonehenge.

“The sacred sites of Britain still have a job to do and a role to play and however advanced our culture becomes, these locations are icons and are markers on a journey that will ultimately take us to the stars and the galaxies and universes beyond them. If this acquisition assists in that journey to any degree, then we will be delighted,” said John Mappin.

About Camelot Castle Hotel:
Sitting proudly in Tintagel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Tintagel Castle, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, the stunning 64-bedroom Camelot Castle Hotel ( ) offers rooms with magnificent panoramic views over the rugged Cornish coastline from Hartland Point in the North, to Trevose Head in the South. With its unsurpassed scenery, natural beauty, peace and tranquility, it is possibly one of the most inspiring locations in the world.

Press & Media Contact:
John Mappin, Owner
Camelot Castle Hotel
Tintagel, Cornwall PL34 0DQ
England, UK
01840 770202

WideWorld Magazine talks to Scott Woodward, Adventure Photographer

In addition to a way with cameras, a deep sense of wonder and adventure are essential to create compelling adventure images like photographer Scott Woodward.

Tunbridge Wells, UK, October 07, 2010 — Leading adventure photographer, Scott Woodward said his father instilled in him the important things in life at an early age; like how to work a camera, how to compose a photograph and a profound sense of wonder and adventure. He also told his son, “If you never go, you’ll never know.” Lessons and advice, Scott says, that have made him the photographer he is today.

Voted “One of Asia’s Finest Photographers” by Nikon, Scott Woodward’s images have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, GQ and Travel + Leisure. In WideWorld Magazine this week, Scott discusses the things that inspire him, from photographic kit and gadgets, to books, films, music and extreme sports. He talks about his heroes as well as the places he’s visited in his search to create original and special photographs. Scott Woodward’s story is available free online at

About WideWorld Magazine:
Established in May 2009, WideWorld is a leading online magazine focused on adventure travel, extreme sports, incredible real-life expeditions and breathtaking experiences. Rubbing shoulders with living legends like Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Bear Grylls, and reporting from the ocean depths to the highest peak, WideWorld is a must-see portal to adventure that reaches thousands of readers every week.

WideWorld magazine is owned by media start-up Outlaw Publishing and run by respected travel journalists and award-winning designers. WideWorld is proud to work alongside Wardour & Oxford. To see Scott Woodward’s adventure photography, please visit

Press & Media Contact:
Damien Wells
Spa Communications
1 – 3 Lime Hill Road
Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1LJ, United Kingdom
07900 302102

With Bank Off America out of the Picture Hedge Funds and Mortgage Funds Become the Preferred Choice

In a somewhat surprising move, Bank of America is ceasing its wholesale lending business amid the ongoing turmoil in the mortgage industry.

Santa Rosa, CA, October 07, 2010 — Recent moves to stamp out wholesale lending have left very few big players in the space, with Chase and SunTrust believed to the be the most popular options left the wholesale market has now turned over to Hedge Funds and Mortgage Funds .In the state of California the obvious choice for a Private Money Loan is a company out of the San Francisco Bay Area – A private Money Mortgage Funding Unit

“We are now faced with the same kind of situation that we were with TARP, where the banks just sit on the money and they don’t get it in the hands of people that need it, then it’s going to be a colossal failure many banks surveyed said that their company is currently hearing from 20,000 people a month inquiring about financing, about a 25-percent increase from pre-recessionary levels.And only about 2% of those eventually are given a loan.”

Rohit Arora, who co-founded the New York-based website Biz2Credit ( ) to help small businesses get financing, said credit is virtually frozen right now and the government’s main lending arm – the Small Business Administration – has virtually stopped since the end of May, when TARP-assisted programs elapsed.

“Most of the mainstream banks are not lending money to small businesses in spite of all the announcements they (government) keep making,” insisted Arora, adding 85 percent of small businesses are making getting a loan a priority right now before interest rates start climbing again. “Community banks and smaller banks have started coming back, but there’s a lot of pressure from regulators that if they’re lending money they need to be more conservative.”so they end up denying any loan with a credit score under 720 and at least 30% down payment.Those are the same numbers Hard Money lenders use to approve their loans.Many business owners have given up on the banks ,they figure why wait 45 days to be denied a loan when they can get a Hard Money loan in 7-10 days keep it for a year or two make the interest only payments and just hope that the lending guidelines change when they come around to refinancing their loans.

When your looking for your next loan we recommend trying ( ) they do not underwrite loans for the secondary market.And most importantly they make the rules and use their experience to make loans happen.Simply put they are the bank/lender a vast group of investors who have been working with us for the past 20 years and trust us to evaluate the equity position we are taking on.We are a equity based lender ,we care not about credit scores, previous foreclosure and/or bankruptcy with us all borrowers are the same depending on down payment or the equity position ( ) we hold as collateral.

* Residential
* Construction
* $250,000 – $2,500,000
* Lot Loans
* NO FICO requirements
* Small Commercial
* LTV’s to 75%
* Foreclosures
* Stated Income
* Interest only
* Multiple Borrowers
* No Prepay Penalties
* Cross Collateral OK
* Multifamily
* Office
* Retail
* Self Storage
* Special Uses
* Payments Holdbacks
* Medical
* Mixed Use

Borrower EQUITY is the primary criteria. We will look at loans on any type of real estate to any type of borrower just as long as there is equity there is a good chance you have yourself a loan !!!!!!

We fund our loans in as little as 7 days with that being said we try and limit the amount of time we have available to just one state — We fund in California ( ) only at the present time so that you get 100% of our time and energy so that your loan funds without any complications.

What kind of interest rate can I expect from an equity loan?
Most borrowers can typically expect an interest rate of 9% to 13% for their private money loans and the payments are lower because they are interest only.

Will my credit score affect my eligibility?
No. This is one of the most important differences between us and banks or mortgage brokers. Your credit score does not affect your eligibility.

What does Loan-to-Value (LTV) mean?
Loan-to-Value is the relationship between the value and the loans against the property.

What types of property are eligible for a private loan?
Single Family Residence, Commercial, Multi-Family, Land, Mixed Use and other real estate properties are all eligible for a hard money loan.

Do I have to pay closing costs?
Yes, however the closing costs can be paid through the loan proceeds.

How long does it take to close on an equity loan?
Closing on a hard money loan takes between 7 and 10 days after receiving a completed package.Call their operators today toll free (877) 870-2676 or for faster service the direct office line at (310) 984-0496, they will answer any type of questions you may have and assist you with your loan submissions.

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Jeffrey Martino Young
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New Watch Ranges Now Available at Watchmad

Online watch retailer Watchmad has launched new products into its already large range of men’s and ladies wrist wear.

Herefordshire, UK, October 06, 2010 — Online watch retailer Watchmad has launched new products into its already large range of men’s and ladies wrist wear. Renown for offering the lowest prices on watches the online retailer is always looking to add new brands and styles, offering its customers the best possible value and style available.

There have been several new additions of late to the online offering, these include Casio, Sekonda Party Time and Calvin Klein. There have also been new models from LTD, Skagen, Ted Baker and Accurist added to the website recently.

The Casio range has proved very popular for both men and women with the G-Shock and Baby-G models selling very well. A new best selling contender has recently arrived in the form of the Sekonda Party Time watch for women. Available in 9 colours and selling at only £27 including free delivery the Party Time is set to be just as popular as its predecessor the Sekonda Summer Time watch which exploded onto the scene in the summer of 2010.

Watchmad ( ) offer everything you could want, including designer watches from Emporio Armani, Police, Skagen, D&G and Breil through to everyday watches from Accurist, Sekonda and Lorus.

A watch can say a lot about a person so why not indulge yourself in a new one. No matter what your style or gender, Watchmad ( ) can help by offer a wide range of watches from a wide range of brands. You can always be assured that you are also getting the best possible price online at Watchmad.

Maybe you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one? If so then make sure you look at before you go anywhere else. If you need advice on your purchase then professional advice is waiting on the other end of the phone, you can also email them any questions and they will be answered straight away.

Watchmad ( ) constantly strives to offer the lowest prices online for its large range of men’s and ladies watches with free delivery offered as standard on all purchases. Visit the website today at to grab yourself a bargain.

Press & Media Contact:
Mark Warr
3 The Maltings, Ross On Wye
Herefordshire HR9 7YB UK
01989 565526

MDCare EMR / PMS from Vision Infonet Inc RECEIVES ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 CERTIFICATION

Vision Infonet Inc announced today that MDCare EMR, Version 4.2 is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as an EHR Module on 10/1/2010 in accordance with the applicable ELIGIBLE PROVIDER certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of HHS.

Napeville, IL, October 06, 2010 — Vision Infonet Inc announced today that MDCare EMR, Version 4.2 is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as an EHR Module on 10/1/2010 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable ELIGIBLE PROVIDER certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

“We believe this certification validates that MDCare EMR is the leading EHR software. The eligible providers by using MDCare EMR/PMS technology as part of their criteria to qualify for Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) incentive payments to receive $44,000 to $63,750 in federal stimulus dollars by becoming “meaningful users” of EHR Systems.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 is giving millions of dollars to practise under the HITECH Act that promotes the use and adaption of integrated Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System.

Starting in 2011, eligible professionals can qualify for government stimulus funds by demonstrating “meaningful use” of certified EHR technology.”

The ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that Complete EHRs meet all of the 2011/2012 criteria and EHR Modules meet one or more – but not all – of the criteria approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for either eligible provider or hospital technology. Companies offering ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certified EHR modules may return to test additional criteria and certify their products as Complete EHRs later. Companies certifying products early in the ONC-ATCB certification process must quickly adapt their products to meet the evolving nature of the NIST test procedures, particularly for electronic prescribing. ONC-ATCB product certification updates will be available at as they occur.

“CCHIT is pleased to be testing and certifying products so that companies are now able to offer these products to providers who wish to purchase and implement certified EHR technology and achieve meaningful use in time for the 2011-2012 incentives,” said Karen M. Bell, M.D., M.S.S., Chair, CCHIT.

2011/2012 certification conferred by CCHIT does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

MDCare EMR/PMS solution is easily accessible from anytime and anywhere cloud application. MDCARE is a proven solution for front office, administrative, clinical, as well as revenue cycle management. “As a result of the investment made in creating an efficient and robust product, we can offer an integrated certified Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System that adapts to the provider’s practice with customization as our key feature.”

MDCARE is a powerful integrated EMR/PM system providing the perfect combination of EHR and Practice Management. From scheduling to billing and point-of-care to reporting, MDCARE optimizes your practice efficiency and patient care, and streamlines patient encounters and the billing processes.

About CCHIT:
The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®) is approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB). CCHIT®) is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the public mission of accelerating the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology. The Commission has been certifying electronic health record technology since 2006 More information on CCHIT, CCHIT Certified® products and ONC-ATCB certified electronic health record technology is available at

About ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification:
The ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that EHR technology is capable of meeting the 2011/2012 criteria approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). The certifications include Complete EHRs, which meet all of the 2011/2012 criteria for either eligible provider or hospital technology and EHR Modules, which meet one or more – but not all – of the criteria. ONC-ATCB certification aligns with Health Information Technology: Initial Set of Standards, Implementation Specifications, and Certification Criteria for Electronic Health Record Technology published in the Federal Register in July 2010 and strictly adheres to the test procedures published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at the time of testing. ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification conferred by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®) does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

“CCHIT®” and “CCHIT Certified®” are registered trademarks of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.

For more information or to schedule a live demo, please call 1-877-377-8999 ext 21.

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Vijay Prodduturi
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The Largest Wish-Granting Charity in the World Selects Virtosoftware Products to Enhance its SharePoint Environment

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, the largest wish-granting charity in the world that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, chooses a line of Virtosoftware’s products and services to enhance its SharePoint environment.

San Francisco, CA, October 06, 2010 — The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, the largest wish-granting charity in the world that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, chooses a line of Virtosoftware‘s products and services to enhance its SharePoint environment.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America has selected a line of five products by Virtosoftware to allow its SharePoint environment to be more effective and powerful through adding a variety of new robust features and, at the same time, bringing a level of simplicity to management and development functions. Among the components chosen by The Foundation are Virto Password Change and Password Reset web parts, ( ) Virto Active Directory User Service, Ajax Calendar as well as Virto Ajax Data View. The line of Virtosoftware web parts and services helps the Foundation to achieve a new level of efficiency in very different sectors of its work ranging from user account management to web site development.

Virto Password Change and Virto Password Reset Web parts provide a self-service facility for more than 1,000 users of the Foundation working SharePoint-based environment to manage their enterprise credentials. These Web parts benefit the Foundation by reducing helpdesk requests and administrative overhead as well as helping the information technology staff support a robust password policy. Virto Active Directory User Service ( ) allows the users to manage their Active Directory contact information via a web interface, as well as providing a convenient tool for information technology helpdesk of the Foundation to manage Active Directory accounts.

Virto Ajax Calendar ( ) for Microsoft SharePoint provides a feature-rich interface for managing dates on the Foundation project sites. The users no longer need to use a SharePoint form to adjust project tasks: they can edit them directly on the calendar Web part. The dynamic and colorful interface makes it easier for them to identify and manage tasks. Virto Ajax Data View for Microsoft SharePoint allows developers of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to rapidly create feature-rich interfaces in SharePoint for managing data in SQL tables, without using the SharePoint Designer (SPD). The Web part reduces both development and deployment time by allowing developers to design interfaces for SQL tables and views directly in SharePoint.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Founded in 1980 when a group of caring volunteers helped a young boy fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer, the Foundation is now the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 65 chapters in the United States and its territories. With the help of generous donors and nearly 25,000 volunteers, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants a wish every 40 minutes and has granted more than 188,000 wishes in the United States since its inception. Visit for more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Also visit for more information about the products chosen by the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as other products by Virtosoftware, and learn how they could help your company to make its work more efficient and convenient. Also, find there trials, news, prices, special offers and updates as well as installation and user guides, and do not for get to follow us on Twitter:

About Virto Software:
VirtoSoftware, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, designs and builds innovative web parts for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 and 2010. Our comprehensive lineup includes calendar, alerts, collaboration, workflow and administration capabilities for SharePoint users.

More than 1500 users around the world have chosen our products to enhance their SharePoint activities. Virto Software is headquartered in 4 with offices worldwide. For more information or to browse Virto Software’s products, please visit or contact us:

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Ms. Olga Kiner
PR Manager
San Francisco, CA 94101
+1 323 319 511

New Products Arrive at Machines 4 Cleaning

Popular online retailer Machines 4 Cleaning has recently added new products to their already large offering.

Gloucestershire, UK, October 06, 2010 — Popular online retailer Machines 4 Cleaning has recently added new products to their already large offering. The new products come from renowned brands Karcher and Craftex and feature pressure washers, vacuums and upholstery cleaners.

One of the new featured products is the Karcher HDS 5/11 U (240V) Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer. This competitively priced entry class model is a hot water high-pressure cleaner. Its innovative “Upright”-Design ensures good mobility and ergonomics. It is very user-friendly due to one-button-operation and integrated hose and accessory stowage. It offers great value for commercial or residential usage. ( ) There is currently a saving of £294 and free delivery on this product when you buy online.

Another new line is the Craftex ‘Sabrina’ E-Line 6700 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a Professional injection/extraction machine for fast cleaning of small areas of carpet, upholstery and hard floors. It is a Compact machine with the characteristics of larger machines. Perfect for use in car valeting, care homes, stain spotting, hire industry and hard floor maintenance. The machine sold with both wand and hoses. There is currently a saving of £110 and free delivery on this product when you buy online at

The Machines 4 Cleaning ( ) website is continually updated with new products which are ideal for domestic and commercial cleaning. There are big discounts on lots of big name branded products from Numatic, Karcher, Prochem and Craftex.

The website ( ) also has a best sellers feature where you can check out the best selling products and see reviews on them by the buyers. This makes choosing the correct cleaning machine a breeze. If you require any help or advice on any new purchase then help is just a quick contact form, email or telephone call away. There are cleaning professionals ready to deal with your enquiry and offer any help you need.

If you are looking to buy a cleaning machine then visit today for the best range or products and the lowest possible prices online. Alternatively why not give them a call on 01452 731630.

Press & Media Contact:
Ian Carter
G.P. Cleaners T/A Machines 4 Cleaning
Unit F3, Innsworth Technology Park
Innsworth Lane, Gloucester
Gloucestershire, GL3 1DL UK
Tel: 01452 – 731630
Fax: 01452 – 739212

From the Runway to the iPhone: Inlet Technologies Helps Zeitbyte Expand Audience for 2010 Fall Fashion Week Shows


Shawn Ramsey

Crossroads Public Relations for Inlet Technologies

+1 919-621-0737

From the Runway to the iPhone: Inlet Technologies Helps Zeitbyte Expand Audience for 2010 Fall Fashion Week Shows

Zeitbyte streams record number of shows to multiple devices in over 170 different countries using Inlet’s Spinnaker

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – OCTOBER 05, 2010 – Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, announced today that its SpinnakerTM streaming appliances were used by Zeitbyte Digital Media to stream live and on-demand coverage of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to more than 175,000 unique viewers on computers and mobile devices around the world.

Zeitbyte, a digital media company that specializes in video production and webcasting, first began streaming Fashion Week three years ago, and have been using Inlet’s Spinnaker HD 7100 to power their streams since 2009.  As a result of the growing number of shows and demand for streams to multiple devices, the company added the Spinnaker HD-X 8100 for this year’s event. With support for up to eight simultaneous streams from one unit, Zeitbyte now has the ability to stream on location in any format (i.e., Flash, Silverlight, H.264, 1080p HD) to any viewing device – including the iPhone®, the iPadTM, and the latest 3GPP devices.

“Spinnaker has not only provided us with an end-to-end solution for broadcasting events on the Internet, but it has also helped create new opportunities for our customers to reach a broader audience on their device of choice,” commented Gary Kahn, president, Zeitbyte Digital Media.  “Thanks to Inlet, we were able to stream more Fashion Week events than ever before, at the highest quality possible.”

Using Spinnaker’s award-winning encoding technology, Zeitbyte streamed 66 shows from 11 different locations, including Lincoln Center and Milk Studios, as well as several offsite shows around the city from designers such as Donna Karan and Jason Wu. Along with streaming over 900,000 minutes of live content, Zeitbyte also used Spinnaker to encode 20 additional shows for archival purposes, making them available on-demand to online viewers. All coverage from this year’s Fashion Week can be viewed on the Lincoln Center web site, on individual designer web sites or Facebook pages, and other sites such as

For future events, Zeitbyte will continue to leverage Spinnaker to offer customers the highest quality streams on location, from anywhere in the world. The company also plans to help those customers engage viewers even further with integrated functionality delivered in their custom players – including opportunities for ad insertion, social media, chat and subscriptions.

“The work Zeitbyte did at Fashion Week is a great demonstration of Spinnaker’s superior quality and performance,” said Michael Barros, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Inlet Technologies. “We are proud to help Zeitbyte deliver a one-stop solution for streaming broadcast-quality content to any device, and help create new business opportunities around that content for them and their customers.”

Spinnaker is Inlet Technologies’ family of industry leading streaming appliances for live video and audio delivery applications. Using a state-of-the-art encoding engine and an advanced toolset, Spinnaker delivers the bandwidth performance and unique features you need to provide a true broadcast experience online Spinnaker provides award winning quality and professional, reliable results in an affordable, simple solution.

The Numbers: Inlet Technologies – Zeitbyte Digital Media

2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

175,424 total unique viewers – live and on-demand content

46,250 unique live content viewers

1,704,193 minutes of live and on-demand content viewed

903,759 minutes of live content viewed

171 countries from which live and on-demand content viewed

137 countries from which live content viewed

About Zeitbyte Digital Media

Zeitbyte Digital Media provides media, online and video services, including live event webcasting, video production services, custom media players, media encoding, and media management and streaming Founded in 2006 by Kevin Brail and Gary Kahn, Zeitbyte’s clients include ConEdison, Kenneth Cole, Universal Music, UBS, Neiman Marcus, Phillips de Pury and Michael Kors.

About Inlet Technologies

Inlet Technologies is redefining the online video experience with innovative solutions for media preparation that combine striking video quality with surprising simplicity and reliability, enabling content owners to expand their audience and realize greater value from their content. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, NBC Universal/Vancouver Winter Games, Yahoo!, France Télévisions and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technical prowess and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter at InletTech.