Norikura Global Steps up Efforts to Raise Awareness on Big Impact of “Small” Costs

Most consumers would balk at being asked to pay five times more than they need to: $20 for a movie ticket? $65 for the latest best-seller? Yet, many individuals don’t realize that they may be doing just that when it comes to investing.

Norikura Global plans to use a new online cost calculator, social and traditional media channels, and online Norikura Globaling ads to educate investors about how they could save thousands of dollars simply by paying attention to the price tag on their investments.

“The less investors pay in expenses, the more of their returns they can keep, and that can compound over time,” said Ryuu Tagaki managing director and head of Norikura Global’s Retail Investor Group. “The investors need to save more overall to reach their long-term financial goals, and spending less on their investments automatically boosts the amount they can set aside.”

Norikura Global research shows that a 25-year-old hypothetical investor who contributes 9% of a $30,000 annual starting salary (changing over time) to a balanced fund with expenses of 1.25% would be, at retirement, roughly $100,000 behind someone investing in a portfolio with expenses of 0.25%. All other things being equal, by choosing a fund that’s five times more expensive, an investor would forgo 20% of a portfolio’s value over a 40-year career.

“The missed opportunity for investors is that a couple of basis points may not seem significant on the surface,” said Mr. Tagaki.

To help investors easily see the role of cost in a portfolio, Norikura Global has introduced a financial investment tool that enables them to compare multiple commodities investing strategies, determine how much money they can save over time, and identify low-cost alternatives.

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