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February 09, 2011 – With the new home study church growth course, you will get a chance to achieve the growth you have always desired. This is a course that provides you with step-by-step guiding instructions, coupled with a study which indicates the underutilized, overlooked and the best kept church growth secrets which most church leaders don’t know. Several present and past church ministries around the globe have employed such strategies and they have worked well. They have been able to successfully unlock and implement the powerful strategies, guidelines and principles which have consequently helped them establish dynamic ministries that are effective in making disciples, winning souls and expanding the church in terms of population. Several ministries have not been able to grow and reach the masses due to their inability to get the word out to the masses.

On getting this information, the leaders will be in position to organize the church in a way that it will have a solid foundation for expansion. In addition to this, you will also understand the principals which will lead to an automatic growth in the church, simply by carrying them out. The program would also assist you to uncover systems, guidelines as well as strategies which would assist you in achieving the growth in all church aspects and areas. Thus, as a leader you willl have indisputable requirements for the church’s growth. This would be achieved by understanding how to elect and delegate major leadership obligations of the church strategically and find members for the planned growth of the institution. Taking such measures would help you evaluate the rods to assist you in finding the position your church is presently at and where it will be in days to come. Other strategies include uncovering the laws of achieving maximum “buy-in” as well as accepting and enthusiastically taking part in the entire church congregation operations. Under this, the church leadership would be in position to know ways of keeping the congregation growing. Lack of strife or lack of participation in various church activities and ministries by some members of the congregation will be a solvable problem.

Such tips would be useful in drawing out the unprecedented resources, skills and talents within the members of the church. This would be useful in targeting increment as well as effectiveness in the ministry. As the leader of the church, you will be in position to effectively record and do follow ups of church membership prospects. This is an essential move to ensure that there is nobody that has fallen through the cracks or left behind as the congregation forges forward. There is a need to learn the necessary approaches for forming, organizing, establishing a provision of curriculum which is meant for the establishment of faculty for the church’s bible college. You will also learn how to promote, expand and run the bible college in some simple strategies. Through all these training programs, the organization offers a great opportunity to uncover the secrets of effective leadership internally and consequently, expand numerically. Take the initiative and grab this lifetime opportunity to achieve your dreams.

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