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New Look MD Hair Transplants, 04.24.11- Hair Transplants are the permanent solution for hair loss and baldness. Hair Transplants is a very easy process and it is done as outpatient surgery. New Look MD Hair Transplants surgeon first check the hair transplant density by taking measurements in the hair loss area. Then thsurgeon will double check donor density and evaluate the treatment plan. New Look MD uses the finest surgical instruments for safety purposes. Surgical needles are used to create the new receptor sites and give a totally natural look.

In the New Look MD Hair Transplants surgery process, you will get pre-operative medication to check the allergic reactions, patient weight and other factors. Then local anesthetics number the donor area and recipient area. They will measure and trim the donor area slightly. To easily removing the strips of tissue, a saline solution will be injected into the scalp. Using a single or multi-bladed scalpel the donor material is removed in the form of long strips of tissue. Then the donor material is placed in the recipient area.

After the Hair Transplants surgery, you can continue with the recommended treatment. Then you will get thicker, denser and totally natural hair. If you want to take another procedure it should be done after 6 months, after newly transplanted hair has started to grow out. Some patients may require more than a single surgery to get the desired hair depending on the amount of hair loss. Hair follicles appear to grow within a week after the surgery. Approximately 98% of follicular units survive and grow after a New Look MD Hair Transplants surgery.

New Look MD Hair Transplants gives you a maximum density of hair that’s medically safe. New Look MD Hair Transplants Clinic offers hair transplant surgery and hair loss treatment to patients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Irvine, San Fernando Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, California and elsewhere around the world.

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