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Bangalore, India -30 October 2011: Fiber Optika, a company established in August 2008, is a leading player in the fiber optics communication industry with over 50 Man Years of experience. They are backed by knowledgeable and skilled people from the Premier Institutes of India and are associated with IIT Madras and IIT Delhi, which have been regarded as centers of excellence in higher education. While thousands of skilled engineers and technicians required every year by telecommunication industry to handle ever growing fiber optic networks worldwide, there is a little available at educational institutions to impart the required skills.

Light Runner is a fiber optic training tools developed by Fiber Optika. This innovative hardware tool coupled with software is developed to provide industry oriented Fiber Optic training, which bridges gap between academia and industry. Light Runner is supplied with third party accessories in such a way that complete solution becomes stand alone, so removing pain of setting up a fiber optic lab by procuring many components from multiple sources. Its manual and software controls provided to give flexibility to use components in various combinations and thus could be used for research as well. It is an advanced fiber optic equipment that stands as a unique solution for Engineering, Science and Polytechnic institutes that warrant a good lab infrastructure and also excellent tool for telecom companies for skill enhancement on fiber optics for their employees.

Fiber optics have become the industry standard for the terrestrial transmission of telecommunication information. Fiber Optika focuses on indigenous development and design of fiber optic products including Laboratory equipment . They also concentrate on providing solutions for Fiber Optics for researcher related purposes. These Fiber Optic laboratory equipments are used in various academic institutes to give them exposure to real world working environment. They also offer consultancy services to various telecomcompanies. They are pioneers in developing custom made solutions for scientific and telecom requirement.

Fiber Optika also focuses onchannelizing optical and Telecom Equipment to Indian Universities and Telecom Operators One of the greatest strengths of the companies is the easy serviceability of products in India and South Asia. Their technical and management team have several qualified personnel with years of Industrial experience in Photonics and Telecommunication.

About Fiber Optika:

Fiber Optika has been founded by successful Academicians & Entrepreneurs with the common vision to transfer academic knowledge into commercially viable products. They have come up with many innovative products recently including Communication laboratory equipment and have been awarded with recognitionsby various organizations.

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