Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0 Introduces Three Cool Features

A well-known award-winning tool for managing windows on multi-monitor systems has updated to version 8.0. The new release features more convenient and precise placement of windows, moving of open windows between monitors, Mac OS X-style task switching and other functions for better comfort in everyday work.

Vancouver, BC, Canada (August 16, 2013) — Multi-monitor systems are super-efficient in certain applications including design, programming, video and graphics editing. Providing much more screen space they give flexibility, but the cost of this convenience is harder windows manipulation. Moving windows between monitors, arranging, placing and resizing of them isn’t always intuitive on a computer with multiple monitors and requires more accurate mouse moves.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0, a new major release of the highly ranked window management tool, offers an impressive range of tools promoting much easier window arrangement on multi-monitor systems. Aside from convenient resizing, positioning and minimizing of windows, the program offers task switching capabilities, desktop management tools, and places additional buttons in the title of windows, including MDI ones.

Enhanced Monitor Selector, a feature introduced earlier, has been improved to provide precise positioning of a window moved to another monitor – in the center of the screen, in a corner, or attached to the center of one of screen edges. Literally two clicks and a window takes the desired place on the monitor (more information:

Version 8.0 includes two brand new features as well. The first one is Save Idle Screens – a function that runs a screensaver on inactive monitors. Notably, such screensaver launches and stops with a hot key and doesn’t stop on mouse or keyboard action as usual (more information: The second new option emulates Mac OS X Exposé Task Switcher. Upon a hot key, a handy visual thumbnail grid is displayed giving nice and easy way to switch to the given task comparing with the default layout (more information:

Actual Multiple Monitors 8 is a blend of functionality highly demanded on multi-monitor systems and friendliness that is really easy to get used to.

Pricing and availability
Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 onwards and costs 24.95 USD for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please refer to Additional information on Actual Multiple Monitors, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 30-day evaluation copy are available on the Actual Tools website.

Actual Tools delivers desktop and window management software since 2002. Highly acclaimed products keep receiving positive reviews both from press and end users. Each program by Actual Tools, a user friendly piece of software itself, brings more convenience to Windows by adding quick-access yet powerful functions.

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