The Shop Local Network welcomes Jalapeno’s in Schererville as a new Shop Local Mission Partner

Jalapeno’s Restaurant, located at 200 US-41 in Schererville, Indiana, is committed to serving its guests with authentic and traditional Mexican dishes.

LaPorte, Indiana, June 07, 2018 – Jalapeno’s Restaurant, located at 200 US-41 in Schererville, Indiana, is committed to serving its guests with authentic and traditional Mexican dishes. Nick Bello, President of The Shop Local Network states, “When you walk through the doors, you can tell they are the real deal. The food is amazing and their loyalty rewards program keep you coming back!”

Some of their classic Mexican foods include tamales, enchiladas, and fajitas. The food at Jalapeno’s restaurant compliments the memorable flavors from the stand in Mexico. They also have a family oriented and authentic atmosphere.

Being in a Northwest Indiana neighborhood, they are able to offer affordable, yet traditional dishes including enchiladas, steak tacos and chilesrellenos, plus more ambitious fare like steak Milanesa and Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo. There are margaritas in fruity flavors like mango and strawberry, plus about 70 tequilas for those who prefer their agave solo. They serve only the finest meats and the freshest vegetables. They make their food from scratch using only the freshest ingredients available. They create their own recipes mixing old recipes and contemporary ones. They also offer seating on the patio that has an outside bar and waterfalls. Jalapeno’s also offers catering. For those who wish to stay after dinner for a fun evening, they offer karaoke, live music, and some of the areas top djs. On Friday nights the large dining room is transformed into Woodhollow Nightclub with live dj’s and dancing to the hottest hits of today. So if you just want to stop in for a margarita and some great food or make it an entire evening, Jalapenos has got you covered.

One customer Bill Norris stated, “We are always on the hunt for great food. Being foodies we get leary of a commercialized location like most chain stores that claim to be authentic. When an authentic family member tells you it reminds him of his childhood, it is probably a good indication. Very good traditional food.Big selections of tequilas.Friendly, knowledgeable waitstaff.Reasonable prices. Definitely for goes previous skepticism,”

Something that is kind of unique, if you write a google review for this restaurant, the owner responds to all of the comments. It doesn’t matter if the comment is good or bad, he will thank the customer, or he will apologize if someone was unhappy and make a suggestion.

So, are you ready to go eat some authentic Mexican food? You can go to their website or give them a call to see their hours or hear about their current specials.

(219) 864-8862


Reid Bello

The Shop Local Network

LaPorte, Indiana


First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book by CC Crawford

The Ultimate African Solution, Race…First Brick, by CC Crawford, will solve all of Black people’s problems and provide the whole African race with one hundred percent employment for this, and future generations.

Warren, MI, USA — CC Crawford’s The Ultimate African Solution, Race…First Brick implores: Africans!!! It is imperative that we revel in each other’s successes and instead of willfully keeping ourselves down, we offer helping hands to pick each other up.

Africa is due reparation for the atrocities our ancestors had to bear, in order for the two races here in question, to be able to truly coexist as nature intended. Fighting on their behalf, to make right them being wronged throughout five hundred years of recent history and still counting, will allow our deserving ancestors to finally rest in peace. THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN SOLUTION will be achieved without any human beings losing their lives. No one has to die.

The negative effects that slavery and colonialism have on the African’s psyche, must be affectedly nullified first and foremost, in order to step up in race. There are numerous steps to take to overcome the mental struggles caused from the enslavement of the mind syndrome and ridding the African race of “self-hate” tops the list.

We are underrepresented in regards to important decisions been made above our heads and disrespect of the Black race is “IN YOUR FACE” blatant. A Black person born today will endure the same fate as Black people did a hundred years ago and the system is designed to maintain Africans in the same dependent position for many generations to come. Black people in the western hemisphere have been geared to only strive for an elusive equality, when reunification with Mother Africa should be our ultimate goal to achieve racial parity.

THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN SOLUTION is my life’s work, inspired by the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, hero of many and one of the greatest Africans to ever walk the face of the earth. He taught the diaspora how to trample down Babylon and overcome obstacles through self-sufficiency, despite dwelling in the pits of oppression. Thanks to my Mother Ella Steele for nurturing me, the Island of Jamaica for my education, “Non Potest”, the United States for teaching me life’s lessons and to all the ancestors, whose spirits have guided and protected me through this inevitable process. I fear no evil and I will continue to be comforted by the greater presence of God Almighty.

Genre – Africa, Race, Black, Reparation, Baton, Continuity, Overcome, Slavery, Colonialism, Nigger, Solution, Emancipation, Jesus, Ultimate, Gun, Subservient

The Ultimate African Solution, Race…First Brick ISBN 9781506904962, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 132 page print book version, ISBN 9781506904955, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
CC Crawford