Lufft Introduces New Non-Invasive Road Weather Sensor For Smart Traffic Applications

Fellbach, Baden-Wurttemberg (realtimepressrelease) April 12, 2017 – After a year of development work, a new generation of Lufft stationary street weather sensors is now ready. The StaRWIS, which is installed at a measuring distance of 5.5 meters above the road, is based on an award-winning and innovative LED technology. This is already used with the MARWIS mobile sensor. After introducing the first non-contact road sensor NIRS31 in 2011, the company is now consistently continuing the development of this technology.


The easy-to-install and compact StaRWIS is a new stationary sensor for road weather information systems. This is based on a non-invasive, spectroscopic measuring principle. The sensor is particularly suitable for hard-to-reach or critical locations, which make installation on the ground difficult or impossible. This includes, for example, bridges or city streets.

StaRWIS provides the values ​​of road temperature, dew point temperature, water film height, road conditions (dry, wet, ice, snow, critical and chemically wet), relative humidity, the percentage of ice and friction. In November 2017, a firmware update will expand the capabilities to include the freezing point temperature and dew point density.

StaRWIS can be installed at a height between five and six meters. Thus, it has a shorter range than the road weather sensor NIRS31-UMB, which can be installed flexibly at distances to the surface of 15 to 50 meters. The innovation therefore complements the portfolio of the Lufft sensors for winter services, smart cities and traffic management applications with a more cost-effective and compact model.


The new StaRWIS road weather sensor is based on the same Lufft LED technology as the MARWIS mobile sensor. In this way, it achieves the highest precision that opto-electronic weather sensors are capable of attaining. Like the MARWIS, Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly control the configuration as well as the data transfer. Alternatively, a connection via RS485 and CAN bus is also possible.

“StaRWIS provides all measurements accurately and reliably. It even exceeded our expectations,” reported the first Canadian tester.

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The celebrated Carmel Honey Company, created by 14-year-old Carmel entrepreneur and bee expert Jake Reisdorf, is now offering specially wrapped gift boxes of honey, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Carmel, CA, April 10, 2017 — The celebrated Carmel Honey Company, created by 14-year-old Carmel entrepreneur and bee expert Jake Reisdorf, is now offering specially wrapped gift boxes of honey, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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Jake Reisdorf is the chief beekeeper and owner with his family of Carmel Honey Company, which he started as part of a school project where his teacher assigned professions to each student and directed them to research the profession and build a presentation on it.

While researching his assigned profession of website designer, Jake, 10 years old at the time, decided to take it one step further and actually create a real website. At that time, Jake had taken one beekeeping class with his Dad and thought it would be cool to design a website about honey bees.

Not only did Jake get an “A” on the project, it inspired him and spurred him to start Carmel Honey Company. That was three years ago.

His passion for honey bees grew as he learned about Colony Collapse Disorder and real honey. Expanding his research and education drove Jake to learn more about honey and bees and ultimately decide it was critical to give back.

The “Jake Gives Back” program includes sharing honey bee knowledge with kids and adults of all ages. Whether he is in a classroom speaking to first-grade students, or at a corporate event talking with business owners and seasoned professionals, his passion and appreciation of how honey bees impact our world is infectious. He also “gives back” by making a financial donation to honey bee research and education organizations.

Jake currently attends 8th grade at Carmel Middle School and keeps his knowledge of apiology (the scientific study of bees) current by continuing to manage his own honey bee hives and attending industry conferences throughout the country.

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