Annual “Open” (No Theme) Online Art Competition Announced

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries for the gallery’s 4th Annual “Open” Juried Art Competition for the month of November 2014. (There is no theme for this competition)

Jupiter, FL, USA (October 24, 2014) — Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries for the gallery’s 4th Annual “Open” Juried Art Competition for the month of November 2014. The gallery encourages entries from artists, regardless of where they reside to apply to this competition by submitting their best representational and non-representational art (There is no theme for this competition).

A group exhibition of the top ten finalists will be held online at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery during the month of December 2014. Awards will be for 1st through 5th places. Also, 5 Honorable Mention places will be awarded. In addition, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries, Special Merit and Special Recognition awards will also be given as well. The submission process and the deadline will end on November 27, 2014.

Winners of the “Open” Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 70+ press release announcements, 75+ event announcement posts, extensive social media marketing and distribution, in order to make the art world aware of the art exhibition and in particular, the artist’s accomplishments. There will also be links back to the artist’s website included as part of this award package.

In addition to the above, artists shall also receive a digital Award Certificate, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue, Press Releases and “Leveraging Your Success” marketing materials if they place in this exhibition. Interested artists should provide to us with your best “Open” (No Theme) art now or before the deadline. Apply Online Here:

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is Light Space & Time’s intention to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these worldwide artists. The art gallery website can be viewed here:

Media Contact:
John R. Math
Light Space & Time Online Gallery
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Jupiter, FL 33458

Kill Ebola & Other Germs with Ozone & Ion Generators, Advises Environmental Hygienist

Ebola and other virus and bacteria building decontamination is most effective and affordable when the decontamination protocol includes high output ozone and negative ion generators, according to Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry.

Montrose, Michigan, October 23, 2014 (Straight Line PR) – “The decontamination protocol for Ebola and other high-risk heath threats, including bioterrorism, should include both high output ozone gas and negative ion generators that are both highly effective, affordable, high-tech ways to decontaminate homes, other buildings, furniture, and furnishings infested with Ebola and other viruses, bacteria, germs, toxic mold spores,” reports Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist and Professional Industrial Hygienist.

Ozone Kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Toxic Mold

Ozone gas is a regular, two oxygen atom molecule (0²) to which an extra oxygen atom has been temporarily added by the ozone generator to create a three oxygen atom molecule, (ozone gas) (0³).

This extra oxygen atom gives the molecule its ozone gas a very effective and powerful oxidizing power to kill Ebola virus infestations, Enterovirus, MRSA, MERS, H7N9 Avian Flu, SARS, Tuberculosis, influenzas, toxic mold spores, other biological health infestations, and bioterrorism threats such as weaponized anthrax, small pox, and certain deadly, fast-reproducing mold spores.

“The EnviroFry high output ozone generator is ideal to decontaminate medical treatment and patient rooms in hospitals and other care facilities, as well as residences, hotel rooms, workplaces, public buildings, airplanes, buses, and trains that contain, or have been exposed to, biological health threats,” recommends Mr. Fry, who is co-manager of the international EnviroFry environmental hygienists firm, and also a former hospital administrator and former staff member of the National Institutes of Health (U.S. Public Health Service).

For more information on how ozone kills Ebola, other viruses and bacteria, and toxic mold spores and growth, visit and

Negative Ion Generators and HEPA Filters Purify Indoor Air

The EnviroFry Negative Ion Generator is a high quality, long-lasting, highly effective, reliable negative room ionizer that puts into room air 80 to 100 trillion ions per second to removes particles from the air as small as .01 microns, such as pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens.

The EnviroFry ionizer has two built-in, positively-charged collection plates to take negatively-charged pollutants out of the indoor air in the room being treated with massive numbers of negative ions.

Almost all airborne contaminants (dust, allergens, mites, germs, and other contaminants) carry a positive electrical charge. Ionizers collect and remove these positively charged ions using the principle of opposites attract.

When a high enough concentration of negative ions is disbursed into room air, the positively charged floating particles will fuse with the negatively charged ions and fall harmlessly to the unit’s positively-charged collection plates and/or to the floor and other surfaces to be removed through HEPA vacuuming and other decontamination procedures.

In addition, by removing airborne contaminants that would otherwise be inhaled, ionizers significantly reduce occupant sneezing, coughing, and throat irritations that would help spread Ebola and other viruses and bacteria to other people.

As an additional air purification machine, EnviroFry also offers its six-stage air purifier that removes indoor health threats by the combination of HEPA filter, germicidal UV lamp, activated carbon filter, ionizer, programmable ozone sanitizer, and anti-bacterial pre-filter.

For more information on how negative ion generators and six-stage air purifiers remove Ebola and other viruses and bacteria, as well as toxic mold spores, visit Read the ten steps for safe and effective mold removal and mold remediation at

For additional information about the health dangers of exposure to elevated levels of indoor toxic mold, visit and

Building decontamination questions can also be emailed to Phillip Fry or phoned to Phillip toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or 1-810-639-0523 or cell phone 1-480-310-7970, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. eastern USA time zone, Monday through Saturday.

Press Release Distributed by Straight Line PR ( service.

Phillip Fry
EnviroFry Environmental Hygienists
10104 Sheridan Rd.
Montrose, Michigan 48457

New United Way Report Shows 29% of Bay Area Households Are Struggling to Afford Basic Needs

Some Families Need Four Minimum Wage Workers to Make Ends Meet.

San Francisco, CA, USA (October 23, 2014) — Struggling to Make Ends Meet on Minimum Wage, new brief by United Way of the Bay Area, reveals that as of 2012, 29% of Bay Area households were struggling to cover the cost of basic needs. That’s 657,000 households that cannot afford critical needs like housing, food, health care and child care. According to the brief, the post-recession recovery has yet to be felt by many Bay Area households because wages for low-income workers have failed to keep up with the high cost of living.

Since 2008, the overall cost of living has increased by an average of 26% in San Francisco and 24% in Alameda County. Monthly housing expenses for a San Francisco family with two adults and two children cost an average of $1,444 in 2008, but that number jumped to $1,896 in 2014.

Yet average wages increased just 7% for the lowest-paid workers between 2007 and 2012. According to the California Self-Sufficiency Standard, a San Francisco family with two adults and two children would need to earn $79,092 annually to cover the cost of basic needs. That would require four full-time jobs at San Francisco’s hourly minimum of $10.74. In Alameda, the same family would need to earn $72,830 annually to cover the cost of basic needs. At Alameda’s $9 per hour minimum wage, that would also require four full-time jobs.

Because the cost of living in the Bay Area is so much higher than the national average, the Self-Sufficiency Standard is a much more accurate predictor of need than the Federal Poverty Line for California households. The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates the income needed to cover the true cost of basic needs in the specific county where an individual or family lives.

“It’s unrealistic that parents could work four full-time minimum wage jobs to cover the cost of basic needs for their families,” said Anne Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at United Way of the Bay Area. “United Way of the Bay Area is proud to join a broad coalition of civic leaders in supporting Proposition J in San Francisco and Measure FF in Oakland, which will help more Bay Area households move closer to achieving self-sufficiency.”

Proposition J would phase in a higher minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next four years and benefit more than 23% of San Francisco’s workforce. Measure FF would increase Oakland’s minimum wage to $12.25 and benefit up to 30% of the city’s workers.

In addition to raising the minimum wage, United Way of the Bay Area supports other key strategies to boost family stability: 1) increase job training to help critical populations acquire the skills needed to attain higher-wage jobs, 2) change policies to reward people for moving off safety net benefits, and 3) boost collaboration among agencies to increase the accessibility of support services.

View the self-sufficiency brief, Struggling to Make Ends Meet on Minimum Wage at Data for each of the nine Bay Area counties is available upon request.

# # #

About United Way of the Bay Area
United Way of the Bay Area is a nonprofit organization, leading a movement to cut Bay Area poverty in half by 2020. We’re harnessing the collective power of nonprofits, government, corporations, labor and thousands of individuals to create change through giving, advocating, and volunteering. Every year, our programs – SparkPoint, Earn It! Keep It! Save It!, 211, MatchBridge and Community Schools – help more than 250,000 Bay Area residents. We connect people to food and shelter, put people back to work, bring tax dollars back to our community, help youth succeed in school and in the workplace, and move people toward financial stability. Founded in 1922, United Way of the Bay Area serves Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Solano Counties. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Erica Johnson

Risk Management Technology Leader Robert Gardner to Keynote Cyber Security World Conference 2014

Golden Networking brings Cyber Security World Conference 2014 New York City (, forum that will provide the latest thinking from dozens of security experts to hundreds of senior executives focused on protecting today enterprises’ information assets.

New York City, NY, USA (October 23, 2014) — Robert Gardner, founding partner of New World Technology Partners (NWTP), will keynote upcoming Cyber Security World Conference 2014 New York City (, unique forum where cyber security experts are set to discuss topics such as protecting individuals and companies against cyber-attacks, biometrics as the future of security, risks brought by mobile computing, and protecting corporate and national infrastructure against foreign attacks.

Mr. Gardner’s presentation, “The Enterprise Impact of Cyber Risk – through the Shareholder Lens,” is based upon 40 years of study and practice of cyber assurance. Beyond the security that can be achieved by responsible cyber hygiene (which we still do not practice, but can prevent 75% or more of the problem), according to Mr. Gardner, critical infrastructure and national leaders must consider two paradigm shifts in their risk management thinking:

1. The cyber eco-system underpinning their enterprise is not what they think it is – it has become a real-time complex system of systems – where runaway complexity presents systemic risks and exploitable vulnerabilities, which may have immediate, irreversible stakeholder consequences. (i.e. before the next 10Q or congressional hearing)

2. It can be managed by isolating the most consequential incidents – quantifying and prioritizing (aka Risk Triage) their financial, reputation/political and legal/regulatory exposure – which can be achieved by several old ( Bell Labs vintage system engineering analyses) and new (socio-political sentiment analysis) techniques.

However the C-Suite and their Boards must really get into the game to set the tone and become Cyber Exposure savvy, says Mr. Gardner. He has been a leader in cyber and critical infrastructure risk management technology and an incubator of technology enterprises since the mid-seventies. Mr. Gardner managed/participated in the launch of several development stage companies formed around those technologies, including August Systems, Verdix, Meiko Scientific, Cryptek, Phoenix Numeric and Probity Labs.

• Formed The Probity Group to provide enterprise risk analyses for executives regarding complex systems and critical infrastructure risk. Coordinated development of Gradient™ technology to quantify systemic risk causes and consequences for commercial, federal and international enterprises.
• Incubated iRISK™ Enterprise Risk Management methodology for a Fortune 500 enterprise to quantify the financial and public reaction (brand) consequences of cyber risk affecting shareholder and national security interests. Underlying intellectual property was vetted by industry, government and academic leaders in Energy, Financial Services, Chemical and Homeland Security communities.
• Rebuilt security division of a public company which developed the first B2 Multi-level Secure (MLS) Network evaluated by NSA, and spun it off to a public secure communications company. Arranged financing and managed turn-around of the merged company. Strengthened secure products portfolio for U.S. and International markets, which reversed losses and achieved rapid profitability. Coordinated sale of company to prominent U.S. hedge fund.
• At a mid-cap DoD service provider, he created an intellectual property incubator which introduced Trusted TeamWorks™ and other cyber risk innovations.
• Incubated Supercomputer technology into products for U.S. operation of a U.K. parallel processing company. Successfully competed for high visibility Government and Industrial accounts, and was awarded the 1991 Northeast Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year recognition.
• Member of startup team which developed NASA’s Software Implemented Fault Tolerance (SIFT) technology, pioneering Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) fault tolerant control systems. Business achieved success among International energy companies and Government Agencies. Subsequently spun off and acquired by ABB, which still operates 1000s of systems.

Prior to forming NWTP, he held senior engineering and technical marketing positions for ILLIAC IV, PEPE, LDSP and NASF supercomputer projects at Burroughs Corporation, for which he received numerous technical and market accolades and awards.

He often writes and speaks on topics regarding intellectual property and has prepared briefings and testimony for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate caucuses on the technology impact on Financial (TARP) Infrastructure and The “First Three Hours” Emergency Response Methods.

Mr. Gardner also teaches business planning for artists at New York City’s “Third Ward” creative incubation center, and assisted formation and governance of New York based arts enterprises, including The Brick Theater and In The Pocket NYC. He has a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and studied graduate system engineering and business administration at Penn State and the University of Santa Clara respectively.

About Cyber Security World Conference 2014
Cyber Security World Conference 2014 is produced by Golden Networking, the premier networking community for business and technology executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to contact us by sending an email to

Media Contact:
Julia Petrova
Media Relations Coordinator
Golden Networking

TFE Live Online Workshops Fill the Soft Skills Gap

Sign Up for the Training for 9 Live, Interactive Workshop Sessions.

Sarasota, Florida, USA (October 22, 2014) — Training for (TFE) bridges the soft skills gap with the introduction of online training workshops. Live, instructor-led interactive workshops will help employers get self-motivated employees who take the initiative and deliver more than ever expected.

Enroll today for these affordable 90-minute TFE Business Soft Skills Training Workshops that begin in December 2014. Build essential skills through an interactive workshop that fits in a busy schedule.

Pick one or more of these live, instructor-led workshops that deliver what employers want, and what employees need.

Do your employees fall short of having a productive mindset? Then sign them up for the Boosting Personal Productivity workshop to show them how to use the right motivation under the right circumstances to do so much more. Just 50 seats are available for this first online, live instructor-led workshop session on Dec. 3, 2014.

Let TFE’s instructors train you and your employees to bring soft skills to the highest level in a live workshop.

For just $77 per workshop, an employee will get the key soft skills to perform beyond normal requirements, adding value for their employer. Sign up for eight and get the ninth workshop free.

Add these Soft Skills to your repertoire or that of your employees:

• Boosting Personal Productivity – Do more with the right motivation. Enrollment open for Dec. 3, 2014.
• Being Resilient – Learn how to not just survive, but thrive.
• Communicating Effectively – Build skills to effectively share information, ideas, and needs.
• Relating to Others – Build rapport and trust while improving listening skills.
• Presenting with Conviction – Learn to deliver presentations that push projects forward.
• Solving Problems – Gain skills to reason through business problems.
• Teaming with Others – Learn when to be a leader, when to follow and work with others.
• Resolving Conflict – Improve abilities to persuade, negotiate, and resolve conflicts.
• Networking for Success – Develop an effective action plan for outstanding networking.

Training for trains and mentors the entrepreneur through its live virtual mentoring programs, workforce training seminars (including customized courseware) and live, onsite as well as online business soft skills training workshops. TFE publishes Special Reports and first-rate, educational content for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners/executives via the TFE Virtual Vault of Knowledge.

Media Contact:
Terry H. Hill
Chief Business Mentor
Training for
8374 Market Street #167
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
Phone: 941-556-1299
Fax: 941-866-1953

GLTYR Gives Life To Your Reality

Instantly Create And Send Multimedia Messages With GLTYR

Scottsdale, AZ, October 22, 2014 — GLTYR, which stands for “Give Life To Your Reality,” is a mobile content-creation service for businesses and service providers with extremely limited marketing budgets. GLTYR allows the user to create a multimedia message or a spot commercial integrated with picture, text, audio and video that can be easily shared with a link though a text message, email or on social media platforms.

GLTYR is perfect for small business owners, individual service providers like doctors, plumbers, real estate agents, performing artists, schools, non-profits, sales professionals, literally anyone who wants to connect with their audience quickly and have their message heard loud and clear!

GLTYR is mobile only, meaning the content is created entirely on a mobile device, but your message can be shared across all devices and browsers. Once your message is created with GLTYR, it can be easily edited from your mobile device and when you click “Save”, the link to your GLTYR profile is immediately updated.

Think of GLTYR as the “Dropbox” for multimedia content sharing.

Before GLTYR, there was no platform that offered the opportunity to convey a quick and efficient multimedia message that builds trust with your audience instantly.

GLTYR offers just that by incorporating picture, audio and video into the message. GLTYR had its roots as a mobile multimedia resume creation service in efforts to give resumes a little pizazz! Traditional resumes sent on paper or via email are the least impactful ways to make an emotional connection with an audience. Picture, audio and video are the most powerful forms of media to build trust, as they give your audience a chance to see a complete picture of who you are or what your message is all about which can otherwise be lost by reading an email or by simply looking at your paper resume.

Founder Dr. Subra Sudhakar commented, “Trust is the fundamental building block for any successful, long-term relationship. But how can we build trust quickly in a virtual world with limited attention spans, where we’re all connected only through technology via mobile devices and computers? What’s the best way to get your customers’ attention quickly, build relationships, and make your message heard to help them decide whether or not to do business with you? GLTYR solves this problem in five minutes or less entirely from a mobile device.”

Here are just some of the unique ways that the GLTYR app can be used for:

* Personal Commercials
* News bulletins
* Announcements
* Invitations/Events
* Product Information
* Testimonials
* Greeting Cards
* Resume’s
* Sales Pitches
* Dating Profiles
* Recipes
* Job Listings
* Coupons/Promotions
* Company Profiles
* Digital Signatures

About GLTYR:
Founded in 2013, GLTYR Gives Life To Your Reality! GLTYR allows the user to create a unique multimedia message or a commercial with an image, a 30 second audio, a 30 second video and up to 900 characters of text that can be easily edited and shared with a link by text message, email or on social media platforms, all through your smartphone.

GLTYR is quick and easy. Make your GLTYR profile from your mobile device in less than five minutes. Individual accounts are available for free for iPhone on iTunes here:

Try GLTYR for Android in Beta on Google Play here:

For more information, visit the GLTYR website:

Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe, AZ 85284

RSA Group in the Running for WfMC Award for Excellence Thanks to AuraPortal

Co-sponsored by WfMC and and now in their 20th year, the prestigious Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow recognize organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions.

Woburn, MA, October 22, 2014 – AURA (, a global provider of AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced that, thanks to the successful implementation of its AuraPortal BPM suite, RSA Insurance Group (Chile) has been selected as a finalist in the WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow, putting them in the running for gold.

AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

Finalists were selected by a panel of judges drawn from the sponsors and the winner will be announced at the awards ceremony which takes place during a gala dinner in Oak Brook (Illinois) on September 30.

The implementation of RSA’s main process, the Insurance Policy Quotes and Reserves Process, which is currently running at full capacity, required the use of high performance technologies such as DAD (Dynamically Activated Divisions), Distributed Treatments, Integrated Tasks, etc., providing the process with extraordinary capabilities that would not have been possible with other BPM Suites in the market, even with extensive additional programming.

RSA however built the process model on the AuraPortal suite, without having to use any additional programming code, determining right down to the smallest detail how the process should act when executed. And more importantly still, no programming is necessary when making modifications throughout the useful life of the process.

RSA is a leading multinational insurance group, present in over 130 countries and with close to 20 million customers. In Chile it is the no. 1 company for general insurance in the market.

Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and jointly sponsor the annual Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow. The awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc.

AURA is a global BPM (Business Process Management) software provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AURA has a presence in 40 countries with more than 300 customers including, among others: Walmart, Toyota, General Motors, Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Danone, INCAE, Kimberly-Clark, Yamaha, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries. All of these customers benefit from maintenance contracts.

It is headquartered in Europe and has an executive branch in North America (Florida). It also has offices in several countries and a vast network of partners who locally attend customers throughout the world.

Nina Moon
400 Trade Center
Woburn, MA 01801-7472

ITB Asia 2014, a Great occasion for Luxury Travel to Continue Growing within the B2B Travel industry in Southeast Asia

The luxury tour operator Luxury Travel Ltd, operating in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian destinations, will be participating in the upcoming ITB Asia 2014 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from October 29-31, 2014.

Hanoi, Vietnam, October 22, 2014 – The luxury tour operator Luxury Travel Ltd (, operating in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian destinations, will be participating in the upcoming ITB Asia 2014 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from October 29-31, 2014.

ITB Asia is one of the key annual Asia Pacific travel shows, attracting more than 9,000 attendees from over 110 countries. As a leading international seller, and with over 10 years of experience in organizing luxury tours, Luxury Travel Ltd will, of course, be one of these exhibitors.

For this B2B event, Luxury Travel is looking forward to sharing our philosophy and the expanding range of products now available across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Offering customized itineraries suitable for both the leisure and MICE markets, Luxury Travel will also make the most of this great event to discuss possible future co-operation with key players in the travel industry.

Always looking for anopportunity to meet tourism professionals, build new relationships and share its passion for travel and Southeast Asia, Luxury Travel will be at stand F/A21, sharing the booth with its partner and supplier Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa.

Luxury Travel is sharing a booth with the Nha Trang resort as in February 2015 it will launch the innovative concept of Emperor Cruises, a joint venture in partnership with the specialist cruise company Huong Hai Ltd, offering luxurious cruises in the gorgeous Bay of Nha Trang on traditional and stylish junks with a range of superior services.

Luxury Travel has also designed new concepts for the 2014/15 season and will be happy to share them. These insights are showcased in 5 categories:

o Inside Luxury Travel Ltd allows guests to get “beneath” the surface of our destinations, taking them to unique locations and behind the scenes,

o Expert Lux where guests meet experts in their field,

o Gourmet Lux offers gastronomic interactions to experience the best of local cuisine,

o Building Lux empowers travelers with the opportunity to help local underprivileged communities,

o Access Lux offers once in a lifetime experiences.

Luxury Travel has recently been rewarded for the 7th time since 2007 by the Guide Magazine, confirming that its teams maintain their high standards and always strive to satisfy their clients beyond their expectations, thanks to their expertise, knowhow, commitment, solid infrastructure and extreme attention to detail.

Thu Hien
Luxury Travel Ltd
05 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
84.4.39274120 Ext 107

Blue Asset Management LLC Opens New England office

Blue Asset Management LLC, a leading firm in non-performing commercial mortgage debt, has opened an office in Hingham Mass. expanding the company’s northeast footprint to 7 states. Matt Galvin, local real estate operator, is managing director.

Boston, MA, October 22, 2014 – New Jersey based Blue Asset Management LLC, a leading small and mid-cap mortgage disposition firm dealing in non-performing commercial mortgage debt, has recently opened a second office in Hingham Massachusetts expanding the company’s northeast footprint to seven states. Matt Galvin, local real estate operator who has been involved in numerous high yield real estate acquisitions in New England while working with several large New England real estate groups, was named managing director. The office is located at 25 Recreation Park Drive Ste 206, Hingham, Mass.

The opening follows four years of strong performance resulting in the acquisition and disposition of over $120 million in commercial mortgage debt by Blue Asset Management. The new office currently has been involved in the acquisition of over $30 million in real estate assets under management in New England, and is targeting $100 million in the next 12 months.

Blue Asset Management’s steady growth and our expanding national footprint are a tribute to our talented staff, successfully navigating the mortgage challenges existing in these past few years,” according to Charles Blumenkehl, CEO and founder of Blue Asset Management. “Our asset management team understands the product and players and achieves top executions for our firm and investors.”

“The New England market is bustling with activity,” according to Matt Galvin, director of the New England office. “We provide an excellent solution for lenders and banks as the economy strengthens. I’m excited to combine our talents in the repositioning and disposition of these assets.”

A continuous effort of providing capital solutions for non-performing debt to local, regional and national commercial banks and lenders remains the key driver for the firm’s success. Blumenkehl added, “The ability to fund and execute quickly and efficiently makes us a huge value added to our banking relationships as we continue to assist in repositioning non-performing assets to the benefit of the lender, borrower and our investors.

Founded in 2008, Blue Asset Management is a private company with real estate and mortgage interests in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. For more information about Blue Asset Management LLC log onto the company website at .

Charles Blumenkehl
Blue Asset Management LLC
2282 Hamburg Tpke
Wayne, NJ 07470

Love’s Affliction, a novel. Love across racial and cultural boundaries

Canton, Ohio, October 21, 2014 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — From Fidelis O. Mkparu comes a moving debut romance, Love’s Affliction, the story of love across racial and cultural boundaries, when a young Nigerian premed student, Joseph Fafa, falls for Wendy Crane. Coming to North Carolina at seventeen to attend college, Joseph is forced to fight racial prejudice daily while pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. He meets Wendy Crane, whose wealthy father opposes their relationship. It is said that young love rarely reaches its full potential, but Joseph and Wendy are determined to prove everyone wrong. Love’s Affliction captures the weakness and heartbreak of forbidden love. Will their romance endure the scrutiny of a racially-charged small college town?

As Ella EL-Kildani, M.Ed, Educator, Director of Genta Educational and Tutorial ser-vices puts it, Love’s Affliction reveals the “intense passion, ambition, and determination, between two college co-eds from opposite ethnic and social classes” and “the agonizing, yet thrilling journey into a late 70’s multicultural romance.”

Fidelis O. Mkparu is a Harvard-trained cardiologist whose background and experience form the basis of this fictional work. He lives in Canton, Ohio where he is a consultant cardiologist.

Selected endorsements:

“Loves Affliction is a poignant and emotional story of young love as it transforms from friendship to forbidden love, despite the cultural and racial barriers dictated by society.”
—Detroit Daytime Talkshow Examiner

“Love’s Affliction is a must-read book. It is part of a growing African migrant literature produced in the United States and dealing with important themes such as student-life abroad, love, romance, and cross-racial or cross-cultural encounters. The writing is very alluring and compelling, revealing the sophisticated nature of a new type of African literature from the United States.”
—Babacar M’Baye, PhD,
Kent State University, author of The Trickster Comes West



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• Major Book Club Outreach
• 5-city author tour
• Library Outreach
• Online Publicity Campaign Targeting Major National Sites,
Entertainment Sites, and Book Blogs
• Coordinated Blog Tour
• Social Networking Campaign on Goodreads & Facebook
• Author Twitter @lovesaffliction
• Visit Fidelis’ blog at
• Contact: Fidelis O Mkparu, email:

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Contact-Details: Fidelis O Mkparu
330 353 3679