Alternative Cisco Provider MLCP Offers Popular Holiday Drawing Second Consecutive Year

Torrance, CA – January 3, 2011 – When the senior management at MULTI-LINK Communications Products (MLCP), the highly respected alternative Cisco provider for businesses all over the world, announced last December that they would hold a drawing for a $200 credit toward any new or refurbished product MLCP sells on its website, they had no idea the drawing would be so popular. They’re now doing the same thing again this year and one lucky customer will receive a credit toward any Cisco component on MLCP’s website.

“This just shows that people are taking advantage of everything they can to make their budgets go as far as possible,” explains Eric Tanaka, MLCP President. “If a business is clamping down and waiting for next year’s budget to kick in before buying something they could really use right now, this is a terrific way for us to help them out.” With over 20,000 networking hardware products on MULTI-LINK’s website, the winner may have a hard time choosing what she/he wants to use the credit toward. In 2010, MLCP added several new product lines to its inventory including new memory components, wireless products, telephony, and access servers. MLCP offers everything from cables and accessories to routers to switches to memory products and line cards from industry leaders like Cisco Systems, Juniper, and Foundry.“The winner may want to use the credit toward something big, or simply purchase a spare cable or accessory to have handy and in stock,” says Tanaka. Either way, one lucky business is bound to benefit in the new year.

How does this drawing work? It’s easy. There are two ways to enter. First, go to MLCP’s website, click on the email link in ‘Contact Us’ and email your name, company name, address and phone number to MLCP. Be sure to put ‘Holiday Drawing’ in the subject line. Or, you ’like’ MULTI-LINK Communications Products on Facebook, then post the words ‘Holiday Drawing’ on MLCP’s Facebook page, and you’ll be automatically registered! Regardless of whether you choose Facebook or email, your company will be entered. The drawing will take place on December 31, 2010 and the lucky winner will be notified by mail. The $200.00 credit is valid until March 31st, 2010 and is applicable toward any single purchase from MLCP.

MULTI-LINK Communications Products maintains one of the largest inventories of networking hardware equipment in the United States and specializes in locating difficult-to-find products globally. Even products that are no longer manufactured are often available new or refurbished through MLCP and guaranteed under MLCP’s standard one-year warranty. In addition to selling high-quality Networking Equipment, MLCP also offers generous discounts and trade in credits for surplus equipment.

Since 1995, MULTI-LINK Communications has been a reliable supplier of network hardware and equipment from Cisco and other companies like Juniper, Foundry, and many more. The company buys used equipment for generous trade-in credit or cash, and sells both new and refurbished equipment at discount prices. Whether you need to replace a simple network cable, or upgrade to an entirely new network with higher-performing Cisco Routers, start and end your search with MLCP.

For information:


Phone: 800-866-8584

SalesFUSION Accepted Into Microsoft Platform Ready Program For Dynamics CRM

ATLANTA January 4th, 2011 — /RTPR/ — SalesFUSION™, the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced it has been approved and accepted into Microsoft’s Platform Ready Program for Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft implemented the Platform Ready program for ISV’s and Partners in the Dynamics ecosystem to help launch their new Dynamics Marketplace. SalesFUSION was an early adopter of the PinPoint program, which is a pre-cursor to the Dynamics Marketplace, which coincides with the release of Dynamics 2011. The purpose of the platform ready program is to ensure to potential and existing Dynamics CRM users, that ancillary solutions that they purchase to integrate to Dynamics CRM have completed rigorous testing and validation for compatibility, security and more.

SalesFUSION applied and tested against the MPR program in December and was accepted into the program as of 12/22/2010. Said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing and Sales for SalesFUSION; “We are extremely pleased with the direction being taken by Microsoft with their ISV ecosystem. Programs such as MPR and the Dynamics Marketplace offer ISV’s such as SalesFUSION a tremendous opportunity to grow our business and expand our Microsoft CRM practice. It also ensures to the dynamics user, that they are working with the highest quality vendors who have committed development resources and support great products integrating to Dynamics”.

SalesFUSION is a leading SaaS-based marketing automation platform that has been built from the ground up to help CRM users integrate their marketing and sales activities and create a true lead to sales model for managing their business, revenue and lead flow. SalesFUSION’s focus has been on integrating marketing processes and vital marketing/lead data directly into CRM to enhance the lead to sales process and create operational efficiencies.

“We have been much focused as a company in our development and sales efforts with respect to Microsoft Dynamics for the last 2 years. In this time, we have continued to wow our Microsoft customers with the ease of integration and depth of functionality we offer at a very competitive price. In a way, this MPR program is a further validation that SalesFUSION is a leader in the Dynamics CRM ISV space”: Said Miller.

SalesFUSION offers Microsoft Dynamics users a unique opportunity to integrate their marketing and sales in CRM. The platform provides deep marketing functionality including email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, social media marketing, web analytics and more. All lead interactions such as campaign response history and web activity are automatically appended to the lead and contact records in CRM, allowing the sales team to see and use the vital marketing information to assist in their sales follow up.

SalesFUSION provides an online resource center for Dynamics CRM users on its website that provides a wealth of product information and best practices.

About SalesFUSION:
SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality, and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. For more information,


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Kevin Miller
SalesFUSION, Inc.
3939 Roswell Road
Suite 3511
East Cobb, GA 30062

Tyrone Short’s newest book ‘Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane?’

In Tyrone Short’s newest book ‘Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane?’ he expresses his views on one of America’s leading problems, ‘Grandma’ and the many foolish drivers that congest the left lane of our roads and highways.

Tyrone Short announces ‘Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane?’ in conjunction with Lulu (www.Lulu), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on demand books.

In his own words, “It is bad enough to have to deal with the volume of traffic during rush hour, but to have to deal with grandma and the many foolish drivers that flock and linger in the passing lane is despicable. It is amazing that our roads have not become one big battlefield.”

In his collective thoughts, Tyrone Short takes an introspective and risky stance at what may be considered a controversial topic for a Christian writer. Nevertheless, this thought provoking book is well-timed for what is going on in the nation today and it has the capability to transform many to a healthier and more productive outlook in regards to this issue.

Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane is available for purchase at

About the Author
Tyrone Short serves the body of Christ as Prince Trog, Colorado’s One and Only Christian Reggae Rapper. He can be reached at the following: / 303-378-1346 /

Xperia X7 Deals – The new element to experience

Sony Ericsson is one of the most successful mobile brands that is getting an excellent response from the customers. Now the brand is planning to launch Sony Ericsson Xperia X7 that is a Windows based device. This is a multi tasking phone that allows you to complete several tasks at a time. It will supports a variety of applications that you will love to play. The device is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system that enhances the efficiency of this device.

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X7 Deals is equipped with MSM8260 Snapdragon CPU ticking at 1.2GHz that support multitasking and it makes the device more efficient to work. The device is attracting all class of users for its great features and specs. This popular device is rumored to be released in the first quarter of 2011. the device has got unexpected popularity in a short span of time before its announcement. As per the experts, the device is going to rock the market. The device will be soon available with pay as you go and Sim free deals that will be offered to the users without any agreement.

The device is expected to come with a 4.3” capacitive touch screen which will give you large, bright and clear display. You will enjoy the several features available in this device and it gives you great internet connectivity over all the wireless networks. The device is expected to be equipped with an integrated camera of 8.1 MP that will give you a great photography experience. The device is also enabled with the video feature and offers you more enjoyment. Online portals are playing an important role in defining the features available in the device with the great Sony Ericsson Xperia X7 deals. These deals will be soon available on all the prominent networks like Vodafone, Orange, O2, t-mobile and three.

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LG Optimus 7 Deals – Best mobile phone is available at free on Vodafone

LG is one of the leading brands that stands for high technological features and smart functionality. One of the latest launches by the brand is LG Optimus 7. It comes with several kinds of features that has simplified the life of users. The device comes with a 5 mega Pixels camera that gives a great photography experience. The camera is also featured with auto focus, Geo tagging and LED flash. The new LG Optimus 7 runs with on Microsoft Windows 7 platform that enhances the efficiency of the device. LG Optimus 7 deals can be obtained from all the leading networks like Vodafone, orange, o2. T-mobile and Three.

LG Optimus 7 Deals offers you internet connectivity over all the wireless networks like GPRS, WiFi, EDGE, 3G with USB and Bluetooth. These networks give you the fast speed connectivity over 2G as well as 3G. The device is really efficient to work and compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 1 GHz processor . It comes with a TFT capacitive touch screen of 3.8 inches that can support 16M colors. This device is very efficient for multitasking as it is also featured with Multi-touch input method. The memory support in the device is up to 16 GB that can not be expanded further. Several other features available in the device include Face book integration, Microsoft office document viewer/editor, Voice memo and a music player.

LG Optimus 7 deals available in the market include contract, pay as you go and Sim free. The contract deals offered with the device are best offered by Vodafone at cheap cost. The beneficial deal is offered at £30.00 for a 24 months contract. In this deal, users can also enjoy free incentives like free calls and texts. In several deals, handsets are also offered at free of cost. One can also go for other deals that are available in market without any contracts.

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iPhone 4 deals – Contract with great benefits on Orange

Apple is well known and the most reputed brand of global market that is famous for its unique and smart phones. The brand has offered iPad, iPod, iPhone and many more gadgets in the market. Now is come up in the market with the new Apple iPhone 4. this device is highly featured and people were waiting for the device since long. You can get this device at pocket friendly rates through several mobile phone deals by the leading networks like Vodafone, o2, Orange, T-mobile and Three. iPhone 4 contract deals are the most beneficial deals that are giving lucrative offers and benefits to all class of users.

Apple iPhone 4 Deals offer face time video calling with its secondary camera that is one of the most important feature of the device. It comes loaded with the LED-backlit touch screen of 3.5 inches that gives a display of 16M colors. You can get this device in two colors including black or white. One can go for it in two options including 16GB or 32GB memory. It offers you internet browsing through HTML safari browser. It allows you the fast connectivity over all the wireless networks like GPRS, WiFi, EDGE, 3G and Bluetooth as well as USB. It runs on the iOS 4 operating system that is equipped with 1 GHz Apple A4 processor chip. You can get the device at Sim free deal without any monthly contracts or the monthly hefty blls.

Apple iPhone 4 contract deals are avaialble in market at 12-24 months contract. The best deal is offered by Orange at a monthly cost of £30.00 where the handset cost is £169.00 and the contract period is of 24 months. Users can also enjoy several other benefits of free calls and texts. The device is offered at reasonable rates with Pay as you go deal on Vodafone. In this deal, users have a complete freedom to move to other networks.

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Sim Free Phones – Phones Enabled with Liberty

Sim free phones are that one that has the blend of the freedom and liberty all at the same time. No one would deny these two as everyone loves to have the liberty in the era and the rights of freedom are enjoyed at a larger scale. So for those there are these phone that are the sim free mobile phone deals. The sim free mobile phone deals are giving the name that is the sim free mobile phones.

Love everything you want to and do anything you want that is there in these deals or better say in the sim free mobile phones. The mobile phone that have the freedom to be bought as they are. in the case of these mobile phone the user buys the mobile phone merely on the real cost of the phone. Mobile phones like Blackberry 8520 Red, HTC Desire HD, Blackberry 9800 Torch and HTC Gratia are the mobile phones that are having the best sim free deals attached to them as these are having the lowest possible price that in the sim free deals even, which the phone does not have originally.

So the definition and the formatting of the SIM free Mobile Phones is very simple and that is easy too. The advantages to the user are so many that there is no end to that as in the user does not have pay extra every month added to the per month rental that is the price of the phone. With the phone the deal can be of 35 pounds but that same deal in the list of sim only that is attached to sim free will be of 15 pounds that is the difference as in case of the sim free the full price of the phone is paid. so there are lot many little factors that seem to be contributing and making the sim free phones the phones of fame and the phones of freedom. 3 F can be the symbol – fame freedom and free.

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Blackberry 8520 curve – give your life a good curve

Blackberry 8520 curve

The demands of blackberry phones are increasing day by day. The handsets of this family are very smart to handle as well as to carry, though they are quiet heavy. Blackberry 8520 curve is existing in this family since past many months. Many online phones shops are offering Blackberry 8520 curve deals on all top service providers of UK. Till date it has reached the doors of many people and it is also being expected that it will reach more people in future. The handset has got very sleek look with very light weight of only 106 g with the dimensions of 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm.

Operators including o2, orange, Vodafone, t mobile etc are offering this handset in very cheap rate. Blackberry 8520 curve deals contract can give you some freebies with various discounts. For that you only have to sign a contract with any of one network for long duration of 18, 20 or 24 months. This handset is worth buying as it includes few of the necessary features. This is capable to play music in its different formats like WAV, MP3, eAAC+, WMA etc. The inbuilt camera of this phone is not of very high resolution but it can give pretty good pictures as the camera is only of 2 MP. The internal memory is of 256 MB which one can exceed it with micro SD card upto 32 GB. Internet through GPRS, WLAN, EDGE can be done in a very high speed.

The freebies with Blackberry 8520 curve contract includes TV, laptop, digital cameras, home appliances, gaming consoles etc and in discounts you will get free talk time, free text etc. other deals like pay as you go deal and sim free are also offering the handset at reasonable rate and with many freedoms to users. Some network operators are offering the phone for free of cost. All the three deals are good to get the handset.

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Get The Galaxy S Contract At Nominal Price Together With Awesome Offers

Samsung Galaxy S is a marvellous creation of Samsung that is sported with lots of astonishing features. Therefore this handset is highly demanded among the mobile phone lovers. Many service providers have come up with various Samsung Galaxy S deals to make it affordable for more and more people. These deals include Samsung Galaxy S contract, SIM free and PAYG deals. All these deals are helping Galaxy users in their own ways and returning good value for their money.Under these deals, the handset can be availed at very cheap price in comparison to original handset price. These deals are available on many leading networks in the UK like Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-mobile and Three. All the networks are trying hard to give the best to their customers and that too at the cheapest. Even the cheap Samsung Galaxy S is accompanied by many exciting and expensive free gifts like LCD TV, laptop, gaming consoles, instant cash back etc.

In that series, Samsung Galaxy S O2 deals bring many exciting free gaming consoles for game freaks. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S Orange, Vodafone and T-mobile deals have also come up with popular free gaming consoles. All in all, these four networks have targeted game freaks to make their Galaxy customer. On the other hand, Three mobile is offering free mobile broadband USB stick with Galaxy S as its hottest deal.

On the other hand, to keep you away from long contracts, O2, Orange and Vodafone have brought Galaxy under pay s you go mobile phones deals at very reasonable price. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S SIM free handset can be availed at £393.99 .So, if you want to have this handset then explore Samsung Galaxy S deals and find the best for yourself.

LG Apex Contract Deals : Blend of qwerty and touch

LG getting all that, that was not there in any other form as well that is not there in any other way all in one through the new launch that is LG apex.

2010 has gone and now it is the beginning of a new year that is 2011 so the phone was expected to come till the end of the 2010 but now it will be coming in the new year. The phone that we are taking of is the LG apex that is the one that will be creating the new name for the brand and creating a revolution among many other and along with all this the phone will be one step ahead from many other phone of the same brand and many more from the some other brand.

The LG Apex Deals is touch screen phone with QWERTY these features all together make the phone more wanting and one step ahead from many more that are there. The screen of the phone is of a resolution of 3.2 inches that is more over similar to many other that is still good as that is accessiorized with many more deals and offers.

Than for making the phone a special one there is one thing and that is 3.5 mm audio jack making you listen to the best music and you feel like dancing over every track. This will definitely make other too much jealous. Than to store all that you want to listen there is one thing and that is the 16 GB scope of memory that means practically unlimited. Of all these there is one thing that is the sole reason of the better performance of the phone that is Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) operating system. Last of all the features one that is looked forward to is 3.15 mega pixel camera in Latest Phones.

All these features form one mobile phone and that is made worthy by the LG apex deals they are ready but they are waiting for the phone to come and be a part of the market all these are rumors and along with these there is another rumor. That is the LG apex contract deals are all set to be out they are the first one to wait for the phone.