When Physicians Get Sick – Plans to protect your practice and yourself

ProtectYourIncome.com is the leading Internet site for disability protection among acting physicians. Coverage for highly paid professionals addresses lost income and time, two of the key areas in any medical practice. When patients look elsewhere for their physical needs, rent on buildings and equipment are due and your own personal income has been deflated, a plan can be in place to protect your career.

Residual disability is a term that requires careful explanation and consideration. Disability does not just mean time off of work to the professional. “Time and duties” is a more accurate description of being unable to perform duties on a full time capacity scale. Cash flow is more important in any business as opposed to the mere act of returning to work on a full-time basis.

ProtectYourIncome.com is an insurance agency that only deals with top rated insurance companies with backgrounds of excellence and solid reputations to guarantee your coverage. MetLife, Guardian Life, Berkshire Life, Principal Financial and Mass Mutual are a few examples of disability income insurance companies selected for physicians, dentists and other white-collar professions.

Language contained in insurance policies can be difficult to read and interpret. It is important to know what your policy covers before you need, not after. The licensed specialists of insurance for doctors will not only research the amount of lost income that could be detrimental to your practice but also explore each disability insurance company to find the right one compatible with your individual needs.

Disability is the cause of nearly 50% of all home foreclosures. One out of every seven individuals are stricken with some type of disability in their lifetime with 2.5 years being the average time away from work. Visit long term disability insurance to receive free information, tips and updates as to why residual disability coverage is as important as automobile insurance in your life.

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