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Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (Sökmotoroptimering) and Search Engine Marketing (Sökmotormarknadsföring) Solutions Provided by Mediastrategi

Västerås, Sweden Nov 11, 2010 – Mediastrategi, formerly known as Klieglight Solutions, a Swedish SEO and SEM company, have recently changed their “core business” from web production to search engine marketing.

Web production and development have been the main focus of this company since its creation back in 2006. The growing need for effective solutions that increase web visibility and traffic has determined Mediastrategi experts to devise and implement comprehensive search engine optimization (sökmotoroptimering) and search engine marketing (sökmotormarknadsföring) solutions for all types of companies. “With our holistic approach to search engine marketing, companies will increase their overall visibility in search engines and take advantage of their potential customers by driving quality traffic to their websites,” says Daniel Nordahl, founder of Mediastrategi.

Mediastrategi offers a full complement of sökmotormarknadsföring services (Swedish for “search engine marketing), which consist of several parts. The two cornerstones of the service are sökmotoroptimering (search engine optimization) and sponsored links (PPC). In addition to these, Mediastrategi also offers several other SEM services, including position analysis, keyword analysis, website analysis and web analytics. According to Daniel Nordahl, “Mediastrategi’s services provide effective search engine marketing and visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Eniro. Search engine optimization takes you higher in the organic search results and sponsored links make you visible in the ads above or to the right of these search results. Through analysis, we can customize your site and increase the chances of high rankings in search results.”

In addition to sökmotoroptimering (Search Engine Optimization) and sökmotormarknadsföring (Search Engine Marketing) solutions, Mediastrategi also provides customers with professional web production services. The company takes pride in being able to offer unique web production solutions to each of their customers. “We will help you create a simple, stylish and user friendly website. We are with you from concept to web production. All our sites are tailored to your needs and we do not use templates. This means that the customer gets a unique site.”

For more information about the company’s products and services, please visit http://www.mediastrategi.se . You can also contact Mediastrategi at pr@mediastrategi.se or +46(0)21-4708830. Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen You need JavaScript enabled to view it.