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Montreal, Canada – 09.11.2010 – Authority Pro is basically a WordPress the “theme engine”, which is instrumental in creating professional authority sites. It is supposed to be the culmination of many of the key factors that ensure the success of a website. Authority, conversion and professionalism are the main results that are guaranteed with the use of Authority Pro. It is the real “engine” that ensures that your website reaches a whole new level of success.

Authority Pro has become quite popular among Internet Marketers because of its user friendly features. Many a times, marketers have to suffer a lot with codes, which ends in entire messing up of the system. With Authority Pro, it is ensured that the clients using it won’t have to spend their time out with cracking the codes, instead the new theme engine does it all for them. Internet marketers using Authority Pro can take the luxury if limiting their work to just adding snippets from their respective auto responder. There are 24 editable areas using which a marketer can easily make his website unique and customize it in the desired way.

Adding to the exciting and unmatched features of Authority Pro, are the 11 custom widgets that make the marketers capable to create a niche for their websites among their customers. Some of the widgets include eye-popping videos, addition of advertisement, adding of affiliate links. Authority Pro makes it possible for automatic display of related content along with the user’s affiliate links in each of the content. The split testing feature of the theme engine lets the user build up a list. Interested internet marketers can check out the unmatched features of the product from our Authority Pro review. One another eye catching feature of Authority Pro is the Squeeze page generator which is given away for free as their prelaunch goodies.

Almost all the features of Authority Pro are user-friendly. The learning process can be executed in few clicks. The promise that comes guaranteed with Authority Pro is successful generation of targeted traffic and best possible conversions. But the main thing that should be kept in mind is that the basic element in a website, i.e. the content has to be what majority people would want. If the content of the website is of no good then expecting good conversions would be waste of time.

Authority Pro “theme engine” has been designed by Bryan McConnahea, who is a full time affiliate marketer and coder and has six long years of Internet marketing experience. Unlike the other marketers, who take aid for executing things like writing copy, coding, split testing, Bryan has expertise in all these activities, which he carries out all by himself. So he has inside out knowledge of the product that are made by him.

About Authority Pro:

Authority Pro helps make your website customized for generation of targeted traffic. For Detailed information related to the features and unmatched characteristics on Authority Pro, which is a Word Press “theme engine” created by Bryan McConnahea, check out the website.

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