Quality Consulting Expert Daryl Guberman Asks Business Owners if They Have been Misled By An ISO Registrar About Accreditation

It’s no secret that there are many businesses upset about their relationship with their ISO accreditation organization. Expert in the field Daryl Guberman of G-PMC LLC explains why this has likely occurred, especially for those businesses accredited by ANAB and its affiliates.

New York, NY, USA, September 21, 2018 — When it comes to business, knowledge is certainly power. For companies who are disgruntled by the performance of their ISO registrar, a common occurrence in the last few years, lack of knowledge may be playing into the issues they are experiencing with the quality service their registrar is delivering. Founder of G-PMC LLC and quality consulting expert Daryl Guberman is tackling this issue head-on. Having identified very serious ethical, and possibly even legal concerns, with leading accreditation organization ANAB, Guberman recently released a new YouTube video “Have You Been Misled By An ISO Registrar About Accreditation?” intended to help wake up as many business owners as possible.

“There are two main factors to this grave problem,” remarked Guberman. “The first is many of the ISO registrars affiliated with ANAB are just doing poor jobs and this is reflected in black and white examples and statistics. The other is that ANAB is 100% an organization with deep ties to anti-Americanism abroad, to the point of even organizing events in ways to get around the American travel bans, intended to stop business with terrorist-sponsoring and human-rights abusing nations. As a Jewish-American businessman aware of these issues I feel a great responsibility to stand up for what’s right.”

According to Guberman, ANAB makes no secret that it has affiliations in China, North Korea, Pakistan, Libya, Iran, and many other countries who have either directly or indirectly called for the destruction of the United States and Israel. Some of these countries have also been shown to have conducted hacking operations and other forms of cyber-espionage against the American government and American businesses. Guberman points to these warning signs and more when he asks the question of business owners if they have been misled by their ISO registrar, since these kind of connections are certainly not useful as selling points to American businesses many of which have veterans either as workers or owners.

Guberman goes on to point out a sound alternative in using the American-based, owned, and operated American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) for accreditation purposes, a decision with no poor ethical overtones. Both ABAC and G-PMC are known for supporting veteran’s causes large and small, along with having a patriotic and pro-Israel position, as opposed to their main competitors.

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