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Souleye, New Age Hip Hop Rapper, Announces the Eagerly Awaited WILDMAN Album- Releasing June 16, 2017!

On June 16, 2017, thought-provoking hip-hop rapper Souleye will release his long awaited full-length record, Wildman.

Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2017 – On June 16, 2017, thought-provoking hip-hop rapper Souleye will release his long awaited full-length record, Wildman. The Los Angeles based artist teamed up with house duo Crush Effect, comprising Jess Molloy and Dave Veith, to produce an exceptionally eye-opening hip-hop and electronic fused album.

Wildman represents a mindful and musically engaging listening experience. A socially conscious artist, Souleye delivers an innovative and intense lyric flow that drips with passion. His clever references outline a positive sense of being. In “Follow Your Heart,”the debut single from Wildman, Souleye discusses overcoming hesitations with self-awareness and self-motivation in order to follow your own passions. His rhythmiclinesweave in and out of the down-tempo grooves and musical stylings of Crush Effect. Molloyand Veith blend elements of electronic, R & B,hip hop, and trip-hop to create a psychedelic and atmospheric album that occupies the space between a traditional compilation record and a concept album.

“One of the reasons so many pop and hip hop albums don’t sound cohesive is that those 12 tracks were recorded in 12 different studios with 12 different producers,” says Veith, of Crush Effect. “It was nice to do a full record, to build that sound from song to song.”

In addition to Crush Effect, the album features guest appearances by an array of upcoming and renowned artists, incorporating fresh, melodic hooks into each song. The album includes focus tracks such as, “Snow Angel” (Ft. Alanis Morissette), “Hip Hop Medicine” (Ft. Dustin Tavella), “Classic” (Ft. Chantal Kreviazuk, Chachillie), “Fountain of Youth” (Ft. Wade Morissette) and the upcoming single and title-track, “Wildman” (Ft. Lynx).

Souleye is a one-of-a-kind artist making a statement in the hip hop and electronic scene. He continues to shape his signature style with inspiring and poetic rhymes. His carefully selected collaborators offer creative instrumentation that only enhanceSouleye’s enlightened lyrics.

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About Souleye

Souleye’s musical journey began when he was a teenager in rural Massachusetts, freestyling around a camp fire to entertain his friends. Blending traditional elements of hip hop, EDM and numerous other styles; Souleye’s music crosses the boundaries of genre, defies convention and inspires listeners with uplifting lyrics coupled with both traditional and unusual hip hop beats and samples. His first album, Soul Sessions was released in 2002. Since then, Souleye has released eight studio albums and numerous singles. Souleye has toured extensively with Bassnectar, shared the stage with the Glitch Mob, Tipper, Michael Franti and his wife, Alanis Morissette, with whom he has two children. For more information, visit souleye.net.

Souleye Discography:

Shapeshifting (2015)

Identified Time (2014)

Iron Horse Running (2013)

Music For People – with BLVD (2008)

Balance in Babylon (2007)

Intergalactic Vibes (2005)

UniverSoul Alchemy (2004)

Flexible Morality (2003)

Soul Sessions (2002)

For more information on Souleye, please visit: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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Souleye’s “Hip Hop Medicine” Single Feat. Dustin Tavella is Available Now!

Just in time for summer, conscious hip hop artist SOULEYE drops a new single from his forthcoming studio album WILDMAN.

Los Angeles, CA, May 04, 2017 — Just in time for summer, conscious hip hop artist SOULEYE drops a new single from his forthcoming studio album WILDMAN. “HIP HOP MEDICINE” is the kind of infectious, upbeat dance hit that makes summer fun. For this track, producers JESSE MOLLOY and DAVE VEITH, better known as the duo Crush Effect, recruited a familiar voice.

Pop singer DUSTIN TAVELLA provides a soulful yet upbeat lyric quality to the song, which he describes as a song with a “throwback feel,” recalling summer dance hits like those beachhouse hits from MTV’s glory days. Dustin credits Jesse and Dave with his participation.

“Jesse Molloy had approached me about getting on the track with SOULEYE,” Dustin reveals. “I love everything that Jesse and Crush Effect produce so it didn’t surprise me when I head the record and how infectious it is.”

“Hip Hop Medicine” is featured as a bonus track on WILDMAN, which drops on streaming and online June 27. With its fun beats, clever hook and sing-along lyrics, “Hip Hop Medicine” is a single with the makings of the breakout hit of 2017.

Even with the popular focus and catchy hook, Souleye’s conscious style still shines through, while his effortless lyrics showcase his deep roots as a master freestyler. Much of the new album was written during a three-day period, in a makeshift studio off the Vancouver coast. The almost freestyled lyrics, backing tracks and vocals represent the height of genre-bending artistry of a Souleye song, something Dustin loved to be a part of.

“As an artist, it’s always fun to collaborate and be a part of something with someone who is also so passionate about creating,” Dustin says. “It’s obvious that Souleye loves his craft, and that just makes me appreciate these kinds of projects ever more.”


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