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Dating Website Academic Dating Turns 10 Years Old

Dating website Academic Dating celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year. The site now has 4,278 members from 144 countries.

Melbourne, Australia — Dating website Academic Dating ( achieved a milestone this year 2017, reaching 10 years of operation.

The website was originally developed as a dating website for the academic community.

However, people from a wide range of backgrounds joined the site and the site now has a wide base of members.

The membership base is approximately 4,278 members from 144 countries.

The website is totally free to use and supports its expenses through modest use of Google Adsense advertisements on the site.

Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations.

The largest countries represented on the site are the USA, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and India.

However, there are 144 countries represented in all.

The gender split of the site is quite even, with 62% male and 38% women.

Academic Dating has a comprehensive set of dating site functions including sophisticated search options, the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos to a member’s profile, messages sent through the site, and the ability to remember or block communication with other members.

A unique feature of the site is the ability of a member to select from three colour schemes, which when selected will update all pages throughout the site as viewed by that member.

Although hosting members from a wide range of backgrounds, academics do join the site at times in line with the original intention of the website.

A comprehensive set of Frequently Ask Questions, and Policies documentation is provided online.

Academic Dating is extremely easy to use, with all screens based on menus, links and function buttons.

Academic Dating includes a “guest” login feature, where visitors can log into the site and view most of the site pages, however they must join and create a profile if they want to communicate with other members.

Operation of the site is extremely fast, due to the careful limiting of the use of graphics, and the high quality hosting solution and database system used.

The site is hosted on a secure commercial hosting service based in the USA.

The site was developed as a new venture by the owner, Mark McIlroy in 2007.

Site administration is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a venture of Mark Laurence McIlroy.

Mark McIlroy is based in Melbourne, Australia and currently works in the Financial Planning industry.

He has a background in the corporate Financial Services sector in Australia. His early career was based in Information Technology roles, and included Financial Services roles such as Portfolio Manager (Quantitative), managing Australian Equity share portfolios for a major bank.

The site address of Academic Dating is

For more information, please contact the principal Mark McIlroy at or by phone at +614 32 427 738.

Media Contact:
Mark McIlroy
+614 32 427 738

First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Love and the Wheels of Redemption” by Ben Korgen

Love and the Wheels of Redemption, by Ben Korgen, is the third part of the Sorghum Series and a continuation of the quirky love life of Rudy Tripp.

Providence, RI, USA — Ben Korgen’s Love and the Wheels of Redemption is more of Rudy Tripp’s ill-fated love life and coaching career at everybody’s favorite made up college, Umptiscratch U.

A conspiracy is afoot, and the unsuspecting Rudy is heading straight for it. With his much anticipated wedding to beautiful captain of the cheerleader squad Kara Dowd nearing its fruitful completion Rudy may finally be catching a break in love’s unpredictable game.

But something seems amiss when Kara pretends to fall asleep during the much anticipated nuptials. Will Rudy finally get his just deserts? Why was Don spending entirely too much time with Kara at that party? Will Don’s longtime girlfriend Connie come to the rescue of them all???

The answer to these questions may just blow your socks off!

Author Ben Korgen has had a highly varied career. He served in the US Navy, earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth, earned a master’s degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, then coached high school football, earned a PhD in Oceanography at Oregon State University and had a long and rewarding career in Oceanography at the US Naval Oceanographic Office, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and Tulane University in New Orleans.

Genre – wedding, seduction, scandal, bonding, hatred, love, retreat, redemption

The ebook version of Love and the Wheels of Redemption ISBN 9781506902777, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold.

Media Contact:
Ben Korgen

Vbout Internationally Ranked amongst the Top 5 Marketing Automation Platforms

G2Crowd recently ranked vbout number 4 out of 187 global marketing automation software platforms.

New York City, NY, USA — (, a tech start-up built between NYC and the Middle East and founded in 2015 has experienced exciting global growth in just over a year. Thanks to the hard work of their teams, G2Crowd recently ranked vbout number 4 out of 187 global marketing automation software platforms. These results are based on thousands of reviews received for survey. G2Crowd is the leader in peer-to-peer business software reviews, and by ranking 4th, the local company beat out a number of their large, well-known competitors. You can see the full list through this link:

Receiving this rating was a great achievement for Vbout, and was possible by leveraging their lean infrastructure to launch new tools to compete with the larger companies in the survey. The software includes a landing page creator and powerful marketing automation tools that allow users to automate digital marketing for their businesses. In the past, this type of technology was complicated and costly, but Vbout has managed to address these barriers by making their software incredibly affordable and user friendly.

As Vbout aims to become a global leader in marketing automation technology, the dashboard is now available in Spanish and the company has entered the Latin American market in the past year as well. This is the third language after Arabic and English, and more languages will be available in the near future. Vbout is proof that any company, regardless of size or country of origin, can create a competitive global business. The company’s founder and CEO, Richard Fallah, attributed the success to “simply, a great team, hard-work, determination, and a consistent vision.”

Media Contact:
Georges Fallah
Vbout Inc.

Author Perry Ritthaler’s “The Interrogator” is Now Available as eBook

Movie Script Unveils Secret Government Invisible Weapons Program.

Creston, British Columbia — Local inspirational author and self-proclaimed cyber warfare physicist scientist releases a creative story; Perry Ritthaler of Creston BC Canada, will debut his mystery science novella “Interrogator” in the “Spy Land Women Play Me ” collection Jan. 1, 2016 as part of eBookIt Publishing’s line. He is planning a murder mystery party in January for the launch which will include an eBook trailer on YouTube.

Check out Perry Ritthaler’s YouTube channel for new and more videos:

Ritthaler, a creative cyber warfare writing teacher; working from his private computer laboratory worked as a former undercurrent adviser to Presidents and Prime Ministers; he has been working for over 13 years in the science field during that time completed over 16 Publications in various and similar psychology science; while working in video production for a local movie theatre creating advertising raising working capital to fund his exploration.

In addition, he is the founder of “Writer…Digital Mind Coach,” an online blog and community aimed at helping agencies and military discover the secret to balancing covert warfare weapons and strategy shifting Geo political power.

Set in a second dimension working seamlessly in Washington, D.C., at the Creston BC Computer Laboratory, “Interrogator” is a contemporary story of a Canadian writer nick named Magic, a bachelor lone wolf and Quantum Physics, Meta Physics, Astro Physics, Nero Linguistic Programmer, whose world operations online wreaks havoc at the Pentagon, threatening the operations and science revolving around homeland defense and the war on terror. When the “Canadian writer” alias “Magic” changes the rules of engagement and the creation of invisible weapons programs built in physics and psychology and economics he shifts world operations creating controlled chain reactions sending currency and oil production tied to stock markets commodities markets into tail spins spiraling down and up, Magic must rely on Debbie and Bill, the callous security professionals, to dissect what this mad scientist has created and released into the world. When they discover the Quantum Energy F35 and the Quantum Energy Star Wars asset programs have schematics that explain the operations it proves to them the nightmares in security are not fake, Bill and Debbie send the research up top to the Director of the FBI, NSA and CIA; and they immediately realize they need to work together. If they don’t, the results could be deadly.

Perry Ritthaler, award-winning author of sixteen eBooks and novellas, including the “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions, and Affirmations” said, “Murder. Thefts of priceless invisible weapons created a zero capital cost will change rules of engagement and how wars are created or ended or won or lost. An ornery, mad scientist creating psychology virus programs with a penchant for getting into trouble. ‘The Interrogator’ is a fast-paced debut psychology science physics novella has it all and takes readers on an emotional ride into the future. A killer’s rampage using the government as his covert weapon winds up this satisfying who-dun-it.”

Ritthaler is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact perry(at)digitalmindcoach(dot)net.

Since 2010, (based in Sudbury, Massachusetts) has helped thousands of authors and publishers get their books converted to ebook format, and distributed to all the major ebook retailers, including,, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Readerstore, Ingram Digital, and Google eBookstore.

Media Contact:
Perry Ritthaler
Digital Mind Coach

$25,000 prize for startups from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest: Synergy Tech Startup Contest announces an event for innovative companies

Seattle, Washington, 2017-Feb-12 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Synergy Tech Startup Contest for Startups from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest has been initiated and applications are open from February 9th. Finals will be held live from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM on April 5, 2017, in SURF Incubator, 999 Third Ave Suite 700, Seattle. The contest is designed to offer a unique Synergy experience: the winner will receive $25,000 in software development services to take their project to the next level. Additional prizes will also be offered by legal and technology sponsors in support of emerging companies. The application form, details about the judges, the agenda, and other information can be found here:

The event has been created for tech startups by tech specialists. This is our way of supporting and rewarding groundbreaking technical startup businesses from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest, as well as promoting the benefits of global collaboration and the remote team model.

The entry requirements: the applicant must be a startup from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest with an innovative tech product. The applicant should have a viable business plan that can be accelerated through access to high quality development resources. The applicant must have a mature marketing strategy and have raised initial funding. The applications must be submitted by March 9, 2017 here:

“We’re experienced in global collaboration and would like to share all its benefits with emerging businesses from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest,” says Jeff Bianco, president and founder of, co-founder and judge of the Synergy Tech Startup Contest. “We’re inviting applicants to join in, and plan to select six high-potential startups from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest to compete for the grand prize, which is $25,000 in software development services. We’re committed to supporting the winner in developing their startup with the help of a team of professionals who offer exactly the right set of technical skills to boost their project.”

Our Synergy formula is simple: pitch in front of influential judges and a live audience, become number one, and take your startup to the next level. All finalists will receive valuable feedback from expert judges, one or more additional exclusive prizes provided by partners, and the opportunity to cooperate with one of the contest partners. All eligible applicants from Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest will increase the visibility of their products or services by presenting their work on the contest website.

About The Synergy Tech Startup Contest:
The Synergy Tech Startup Contest is a startup pitch competition held in six US cities, where innovative companies with revolutionary solutions have a chance to win valuable prizes and accelerate their product development.

About was founded by successful entrepreneur, Jeff Bianco, in September 2011. The long history, vast experience, and in-depth understanding of the technology domain are the foundation of our company’s success in servicing technology companies and digital agencies.


Ievgeniia Prytula
Phone: 1-310-362-0206

Former Cop Gives Back, Announces New Book

ADAM DAVIS, Author of Amazon best-selling devotional, Spirit & Truth: 52 Encouraging Messages for America’s Law Enforcement announces the release of his new book, Be Awakened: A New You in 40 Days on January 22, 2017.

Dothan, AL, USA — Visit for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio. A story of one man’s journey to success and how you can live your dreams.

ADAM DAVIS, Author of Amazon best-selling devotional, Spirit & Truth: 52 Encouraging Messages for America’s Law Enforcement announces the release of his new book, Be Awakened: A New You in 40 Days on January 22, 2017. Davis continues his commitment to law enforcement through giving a portion of all book sales to benefit a non-profit organization funding law enforcement training and assistance.

While serving in law enforcement, Adam Davis published his first best-seller under the name J.A. Davis. The success of his book created numerous opportunities and a business was born. In September 2015 Adam founded his business and has since grown to operating internationally.

“Sleepwalkers take heart. This book is a guide that will awaken you to a richer, more fulfilling life. If you are a dreamer who is willing to take action you can adapt these new habits for a success you’ve never experienced.”

-#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Dan Miller

Check out this video to learn more about Adam:

ADAM DAVIS helps people around the world move from stagnant living to abundant living through coaching, writing, and public speaking. His words have inspired people to take massive action on their dreams and goals. In Be Awakened: A New You in 40 Days, Adam reveals his proven process for awakening your mind, spirit and drive to pursue the things that excite you!

Learn how to:

• START with nothing but a dream.
• AWAKEN your spirit man to pursue your calling.
• IDENTIFY your purpose and passions.
• OVERCOME procrastination and perfectionism.
• BELIEVE in yourself when nobody else does.

ADAM DAVIS is a husband, father, small business owner, and writer. He is focused on helping small business owners and individuals achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. Adam is the author of Amazon Best-Seller Spirit & Truth: 52 Encouraging Messages for America’s Law Enforcement and is a Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine as well as The Huffington Post. He has been featured on and The Blaze Radio Network. Learn more about Adam at

Media Contact:
Adam Davis
Enlivify Total Solutions, LLC


New on iBooks THE GUN TRIAL by Top Selling Legal Thriller Author Dale E. Manolakas

Media wars and violence drive the legally pivotal, riveting trial challenging the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

Los Angeles, CA, USA — Guns fire and lives shatter. A Dartmouth student’s death triggers the treacherous and deadly legal fight for justice against gun sellers. Only the small Los Angeles firm of Kraus & White will litigate the difficult, cutting-edge case against the gun establishment, corporate oligarchs, and hostile media. Amidst internal strife at Krause & White, the lead trial lawyer Sophia Christopoulos and her colleagues battle parochialism and danger in Bakersfield, litigate against well-financed and corrupt opposing counsel, and overcome treachery violence and death. Fighting for her life and her firm’s survival, Sophia takes the case to its climactic trial in hostile Kern County, California. Scandal and treachery are compounded by demonstrations, deaths, and the ratings-hungry media. Racial, ethnic, gender, and geographic tensions fuel the already volatile mix. The dramatic conclusion only serves to emphasize the ubiquity and difficulty of gun violence and guns themselves in America. BUY NOW. [First in Series-Lethal Lawyers-Top 100 Amazon Legal Thriller for a Year]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After a lifetime of writing poetry, books, nonfiction, and legal documents, it was author Ray Bradbury’s friendship and encouragement that finally inspired Dale E. Manolakas to pursue writing as a career. Dale E. Manolakas earned her B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles, and M.A., M.S., Ph.D. and J.D. degrees from the University of Southern California. She is a member of the California Bar, had the privilege of clerking for The Honorable Arthur L. Alarcón at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, was a litigator in two major Los Angeles law firms, and a senior appellate attorney at the California Court of Appeals, as well as an Administrative Law Judge. Contact:

Media Contact:
Dale E. Manolakas

FED Publishing Releases New Book, “A Miracle at Attu: The Rescue of CG-1600” by Captain Bill Peterson with Captain Mike Wallace

A Miracle at Attu: The Rescue of CG-1600, by Captain Bill Peterson (USCG ret) with Captain Mike Wallace (USCG ret), retell the harrowing Coast Guard rescue of fellow shipmates on the brutal Bering Sea island of Attu.

Richland, WA, USA — Captain Bill Peterson and Captain Mike Wallace’s A Miracle at Attu: The Rescue of CG-1600 is an inspiring and emotional story of human error, courage, bravery, and survival.

“His is a story of grace under pressure, and commitment to his fellow service members. He set an example to our cadets of how our personnel have upheld the service’s core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty.” – Rear Adm. James Rendon, Coast Guard Academy superintendent.

The remote Western Aleutian Islands pose a unique and unforgiving operating environment. It takes a special mindset to go into harm’s way and fly into the storm so others may live. You will come to know and see the many perspectives of the rescue through the eyes of the survivors, and the crews of the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon, LORAN Station Attu, Rescue-1602, and Rescue-1425.

CAPTAIN Bill Peterson- Peterson entered the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduated in 1976. Peterson was winged a Naval Aviator in 1979 and is designated Coast Guard Aviator number 1953. Peterson was inducted Nov. 10, 2016, into the Wall of Gallantry at the Coast Guard Academy in New London.

CAPT Mike Wallace- Wallace entered and graduated from Coast Guard Officer Candidate School in December 1976. Wallace was winged a Naval Aviator in 1977 and is designated Coast Guard Aviator number 1883.

Genre – Rescue, Bravery, Survivors, Helicopter, USCGC MELLON, Risk, Coast Guard, Storm, Seas, Miracle, Plane Crash, Alaska, ATTU

The ebook version of A Miracle at Attu: The Rescue of CG-1600 ISBN 9781506902883, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 188 page print book version, ISBN 9781506902876, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Captain Bill Peterson

Star Queen Art Has Released a New Adventure Fairy Tale

Advertisement for a new book, art, magic courses and a blog directed with the intention of encouraging art, to celebrate individuality and build strength and confidence.

London, UK — Luna Vanx and Princess Froglet are a little girl and a little dog. They are also adventurers, creators of all things artistic, writers and occasional evil witch slayers. Together they are…. STAR QUEEN ART!!! They are inspired by faery stories, pop culture, religion, animals, nature and anything else they encounter on their exciting journeys. Get involved, be inspired, by joining them here:

Luna Vanx’s very first book has just been released. Celebrate your individuality and build your strength and confidence by reading this modern day classic:

Sad little Neeta and her dog go on a huge adventure. Along the way they discover their abilities, whilst acknowledging their disabilities, through their encounters with lots of different, interesting, strange and magical creatures, but will they triumph against the evil witch queen and who exactly is the evil witch queen?!

Media Contact:
Luna Vanx
Star Queen Art

Glidden Limousine Announces Special Limo Service Options for the Holiday Season

Glidden Limousine, a Minneapolis limousine company, has announced exclusive holiday limo services including Holiday Lights Limo Tour, Night On the Town, and New Year’s Eve Limo.

Minneapolis, MN, USA — Glidden Limousine, a Twin Cities limousine company, has announced exclusive professional limo services for the 2016 holiday season. The Twin Cities limo services include: Holiday Lights Limo Tour, Night On the Town, and New Year’s Eve Limo. The services will be available throughout the holiday season. Those interested in learning more or scheduling a limo should contact Glidden Limousine ( at (612) 296-1947.

This announcement comes as Minnesotans are in the heart of the holiday shopping season. Keith Glidden, owner of Glidden Limousine hopes that these luxury limo services will help many complete their gift shopping.

“Renting a limousine is truly a unique gift that brings family and friends together,” said Glidden. “No matter your age, spending time together celebrating and enjoying the holidays in a luxury limousine is something everyone can enjoy.”

The company has announced three holiday limousine services:

• Holiday Light Limo Tour ( These tours have quickly become a staple for many during this time of year and something the Twin Cities limo company is known for. Take your family and friends on a trip to see the best holiday light displays in the Twin Cities and enjoy favorite holiday treats all from the comfortable backseat of a black limousine.

• Night On the Town: Get a group together and head out to dinner, a concert, a sporting event, a show, or bar-hopping. Whatever you want to do, Glidden’s friendly limo chauffeurs are ready to get you there safely in style and comfort.

• New Year’s Eve Limo: Ring in 2017 with the help of Glidden Limousine! Let us be the sober cab so you and your friends can celebrate the night in style. We’re ready to take you to all the hot spots around the Twin Cities so this New Year’s Eve is one you will never forget!

The safety of guests always comes first at Glidden Limousine. The Twin Cities limo company’s holiday limo services include complimentary pick-up and drop-off for each party member. When the day is done, limo drivers can bring guests home or drop them off at a predetermined location.

Media Contact:
Keith Glidden, Owner
Glidden Limousine
901 Ladybird Lane
Burnsville, MN 55337
(612) 296-1947