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MtB Entertainment Will Release New Single From Marcus Christ Called “If I Die Tonight” This Month

New Commercial Single to be released from MtB Entertainment’s artist Marcus Christ Called “If I Die Tonight” for Worldwide Distribution.

Los Angeles, CA, USA — MtB Entertainment has just announced they have finalized the global distribution of Marcus Christ‘s new single titled “If I Die Tonight”. This is the second single released by MtB Entertainment this year. Marcus Christ’s debut album called “Return of the Beast” was released commercially in 2015. I Get High on the Most High is the first single from the upcoming album “Prince of the Universe” that is expected Winter of 2017. “If I Die Tonight” is the follow up single to “I Get High on the Most High”, and the second single from the upcoming “Prince of the Universe” album. MtB Entertainment released a video for “I Get High on the Most High” a week ago on YouTube. At this time no release date has been set for the video for the new single “If I Die Tonight”. Marcus Christ was scheduled for 2 shows this year in L.A., but was taken off the performance list after low ticket sales. This new single already promises to showcase MtB Entertainment’s artist vast array of talent.

The new single “If I Die Tonight” was produced by Dj Exclusive Beatz, and this producer was not expected to produce any of Marcus Christ’s music since MtB Entertainment has been producing a few compositions lately since it has access to in-house production which reduce costs and increase profits. However, this new song has already created a buzz. MtB Entertainment is not expecting record breaking sales, but they do expect improvement. Most people say you can hear Marcus Christ improving song by song as he masters his trade. Marcus Christ has already been featured in interviews, blogs, and radio stations worldwide. MtB Entertainment’s musical releases are available for purchase and download online at places such as Amazon, iTunes, and Cdbaby.

Visit MtB Entertainment’s Website at:

Visit Marcus Christ artist page at:

Media Contact:
Marcus Brooks

Beach Taco Restaurant Names House of Berlin Agency of Record for Executing the Public Relations, Branding, Social and Digital Marketing Campaigns

House of Berlin – Article Agency US, has been hired to execute the Public Relations, Branding, Social and Digital Marketing campaigns for Miami Beach’s newest restaurant addition, Beach Taco.

Miami Beach, FL, USA — House of Berlin – Article Agency US, has been hired to execute the Public Relations, Branding, Social and Digital Marketing campaigns for Miami Beach’s newest restaurant addition, Beach Taco.

The international communications and marketing company, headquartered in Miami, FL will be responsible for logo and website development, social and digital engagement, as well as event and community activations to create awareness for the Beach Taco brand.

“Let’s Taco-bout it! We pitched Beach Taco on “Bringing Groovy Back!” The founders explained the concept and it was simple and exciting to create a campaign that will deliver “Fresh & Fast” burritos and tacos on-the-go to beachgoers, as well as late night healthy and affordable meals,” states Owner, Brandi Kolosky – House of Berlin – Article agency US.

Beach Taco is excited to partner with HOB on this new endeavor, one of its owner’s stating, “From the very first meeting with Brandi Kolosky and her team, we not only got a good sense of her stellar work ethic and past performances, but was also strongly drawn to the fact that we were all on the same page from a creative and long-term business perspective.” (Founders of Beach Taco: Joe Marocco, Ted Taylor, and Giovanni Figueroa)

Beach Taco ( is a Mexican restaurant located in the swanky Miami Beach neighborhood, SOFI (South of Fifth, 1st & Collins Avenue). Serving tacos and burritos, Beach Taco uses locally sourced ingredients for its “Fast & Fresh” tacos on-the-go concept. Staying true to the beach vibe, you can be sure to ride the wave of our daily fresh-made tortillas and salads. Beach Tacos-on-the-go for afternoon and late-night beach-goers wanting healthy affordable meals. Open 12:00pm – 2:00am, Sunday – Wednesday, and 12:00pm – 5:00am Thursday – Saturday.

HOUSE OF BERLIN – Article Agency US provides companies a strategic advantage in their field, garnering maximum brand exposure with consumers and top media while creating and managing beneficial partnerships. We are a creative communications and branding firm located in Miami, London and Milan. We are committed to generating innovative PR, Marketing and Event campaigns. The energetic team behind HOUSE OF BERLIN – Article agency US has 12+ years of experience providing unparalleled services to a variety of clients in the entertainment, film, fashion, corporate, hospitality, real estate, hotels, music, sports, food/beverage and tech industries. We are an Affiliate Partner to the globally renowned LINKS World Group, headquartered in Miami and South America.

Media Contacts:
Soleil Romano

Brandi Kolosky

CHAMELEONS: An Untold World War II Story Pre-Release Sale Ends June 15th, 2017

CHAMELEONS: An Untold World War II Story is being released on June 15, 2017, by BLACK ROSE WRITING. Pre-Release sale pricing is available for only a short time.

Phoenix, AZ, USA — CHAMELEONS Pre-Release Sale ends June 15th, 2017. Enjoy an additional ten percent reduction from the pre-release sale price.

Use this code: PREORDER2017

Pre-Release Sale Site:

“Based on a true story, CHAMELEONS is a superb recounting of what happened to a surviving crew member of a Japanese midget sub after it attacked Pearl Harbor, complete with details about their preparation, as well as present day American investigators probing his secret identity years later.” – Lisa Edelman,

“I finished your novel a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. It was very memorable – one of those books that stay with you for years. The reason of course is that you did such a remarkable job of placing me into the wartime scenes. Masaharu Yokoyama is a true WWII hero (though an enemy of the U.S.), and I enjoyed seeing how he evolved into Ken Kida over a 70-year span. A well-written novel requires an author to master many skills. For me, the most important is to keep the reader so engrossed that he or she finds it hard to take a break. Based on this…, CHAMELEONS is such a story.” – Don Westenhaver, Vice President, Southern California Writers Association

“Mr. Nannini’s blend of real life events, a compelling modern day mystery, and vibrant characters has resulted in a first-class novel which could easily become a lasting gem in its genre.” – Review

“This book, from a Japanese viewpoint, from Hawai’i to Korea and back to Hawai’i, was riveting. Some of the war scenes were enough to keep my fingers gripping my seat, literally. You will not see the ending coming, it is a total surprise.”

“In a nutshell, if you like historical war fiction, this is definitely for you. The fact that it is definitely based on true events is proven by the pictures in the back of the book. There is enough here to make you wonder what exactly is fiction and what is not.” – 4 of 4 Star Review

Tere Fredericks: On Goodreads and Amazon, I gave you 5 stars. This was/is an amazing book. Please get off Facebook, stop eating, and stop doing anything else and get your next two books done, ok? I simply loved this book. Loved it.

Read more Great Reviews at:

CHAMELEONS: An Untold World War II Story (ISBN: 9781612968896)

Media Contact:
Marcus Nannini
Marchri Productions

A New Day for It’s God’s Choice: Back in Business

Officially Announcing that It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore Is Back in Business Locally and Online.

Landover, MD, USA — After about a year, It’s God’s Choice has finally officially re-opened with a new store location in Landover, Maryland. The new location is 7838 Central Avenue, Landover, MD 20785, inside of D’s Hairstylists. The store still carries hard to find black gospel sheet music, songbooks and accompaniment tracks as well as church supplies, books, bibles, etc. The store takes orders for choir and pastoral robes too. “What we do not have on hand, you can probably order at our website,,” says Carolyn Walker, Store Music Buyer.

The storefront was closed some years ago and operated only using the website and by phone on April 1, 2013. Economy troubles have hit Christian bookstores very hard. Lots of Christian Bookstores have gone out of business even though some had been in business for over 25 years. It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore has been in business since 2002. “Unfortunately, overhead expenses increased far faster than sales. We just could not keep up,” says Carolyn Walker, Store Music Buyer. “Most of our sales are website-related even though we had an antiquated website which did not take credit cards at first,” says Thelma Lee, Store Manager.

As of April 2017, most of the store sales were generated from the new improved website and from loyal customers who phoned in their orders. For some of the churches in the local area, It’s God’s Choice staff personally delivered orders depending on the size and went out to churches to measure choirs for robes. Most of It’s God’s Choice customers receive their merchandise via the mail. The store accepts payment through the website, over the phone as well as with PayPal.

Now customers can once again come to It’s God’s Choice and enjoy the shopping experience. For those who cannot come to the store to get sheet music, they can use the website. In fact, customers can download some sheet music directly from our website. This could not be done before with the old website. “Basically everything that we sell in the store, we will have on the website. We have over 4,000 products online and are adding to the site almost daily,” states Thelma Lee.

The phone number is the same, which is 301-499-5799. The website address is still and the email address is still

In 2002, It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore was founded by Thelma Lee, a former employee of Rejoice Christian Bookstore and she has over 20 years of experience in this field. It’s God’s Choice specializes in special orders and carries black gospel CDs, sheet music, songbooks, piano instructional books, bibles, books, greeting cards, gifts, church supplies, and children items. In addition, the store special orders pastoral and choir robes. For further information regarding this move, please call 301-499-5799 and ask for Thelma, the store manager. Please note phone problems: We can’t retrieve voice mail messages left on the phone, so please call back. Thanks.

Media Contact:
Thelma Lee
It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore
7838 Central Avenue
Landover, MD 20785
Phone: 301-499-5799
Fax: 301-499-0349

Lazy Tree Ranch Consulting With Disc Golf Professionals on Course Design

Brewpub, food, bark park, playground all compliment the setting and add to the family friendly atmosphere.

Liberty Hill, TX, USA — Lazy Tree Ranch (, a new events venue currently under construction in west Liberty Hill near Bertram, is consulting with disc golf industry professionals on the construction of a disc golf course at the events facility. The course, yet to be named, will have challenging holes with a fair amount of obstacles (trees).

Managing partner and co-founder Carl Braun is excited about the prospects. “We were approached by the disc golf community about creating something special at Lazy Tree Ranch. The greater Austin area is the epicenter for disc golf enthusiasts worldwide. Adding disc golf to our venue along with the Hops and Grapes brewpub, bark park, soccer field and play area will definitely put us on the map.”

Professional Disc Golf Association @PDGA players Thomas Stricklin and Kristen Womac are ecstatic about the opportunity.

“Thomas and I visited Lazy Tree Ranch a couple weeks ago and were amazed with the possibilities for a professional disc golf course on the property. As PDGA amateurs, with numerous career wins we have always wanted to participate in a project of our own where we had control over the creation of a world class disc golf course. Now, having invested as co-owners we’ll have a chance to put our stamp of approval on the project along with other disc golf enthusiasts,” noted Kristen “Kiki” Womac.

@LazyTreeRanch was founded in 2016 to become the area’s largest concert and events center. The 10.6 acre track is covered in one-hundred year old oak trees and has a huge grass field (150,000 sq ft) for soccer, events, concerts and of course disc golf. The Hops and Grapes Brewpub with beer, food and wine is expected to open later this year.

PDGA disc golfers can see a video and invest in the Lazy Tree Project starting at $100 on in a Regulation C crowdfunding effort. Special perks for disc golf enthusiasts will be offered. Terms on the website.

For more information, contact:
Carl Braun

Thomas Stricklin

FED Publishing Releases New Book, “Fables for Wisdom Seekers Young and Old” by Barbara A. Meyers

Fables for Wisdom Seekers Young and Old, by Barbara A. Meyers, shares with us stories that help children deal with many of today’s issues.

Henniker, NH, USA — Barbara A. Meyers’s Fables for Wisdom Seekers Young and Old helps you guide children through many of today’s difficult issues.

Following in the legacy of teaching stories, Fables for Wisdom Seekers Young and Old invites caring adults and children ages 6-11 to explore together ideas about building self-esteem, the challenges of being a member of a family, school, and community, as well as being a citizen of the world.

Each fable is accompanied by a series of suggested talking points to support adults in deepening the story and moving it from the realm of fantasy to the everyday world of the child and reader. These conversations join the natural instincts of children – their curiosity, intuitive knowing, zest for learning, open-hearted caring, innate wisdom and joy in playing – with the wisdom adults have gained through experience. Together children and adults build a bridge to a future in which our ways of being reflect what is fair and just for all who share this planet.

“I really loved this book and can see so many possibilities of integrating it in my classroom.” ~Rogene Carter

Author Barbara Meyers, MSW, is a clinical social worker with a private practice in New Hampshire. She works with children, adolescents, adults, and families often drawing upon stories and their embedded lessons as teaching tools. In 2006, she was named New Hampshire’s Social Worker of the Year. Both teacher and learner, writing has been a life-long companion and has helped her to make sense of the world around her. Her first book, Common Ground, Uncommon Gifts: Growing Peace and Harmony through Stories, Reflections, and Practices in the Natural World connects her travels in the wilderness and resulting learnings with the Native American Medicine Wheel.

Genre – self-esteem, bullying, fables, wisdom, teaching stories, parents, teachers, counselors, children 6-11, animals, family therapy, school counselors, conversations, humanness

The ebook version of Fables for Wisdom Seekers Young and Old ISBN 9781506904115, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 112 page print book version, ISBN 9781506904122, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Barbara A. Meyers

FED Publishing Releases New Book, “Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World” by Marilyn J. Fettner & Linda I. McCabe

Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World, by Marilyn J. Fettner, MCC, NCC, LCPC and Linda I. McCabe, is a quick useful reference for corporate women.

Northbrook, IL, USA — Fettner and McCabe’s Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World is a quick reference guide for women in corporate America! With strategies to increase work-life balance, navigate workplace dilemmas and improve relationships – you’ll discover ideas to gain respect, solutions for career advancement and challenges such as women as leaders and getting a raise. Find practice exercises to develop your skills, and best of all – this treasure fits in your purse.

In today’s world, women often feel they are losing their sanity. As they strive for career success, while trying to manage home and family responsibilities, they encounter barriers that keep them from career advancement and achieving the success they deserve. Yet they continue to struggle to attain the ever elusive work-life balance.

You don’t want to miss out on this important book that levels the playing field for working women.

“As a working woman in a large corporate company, I am constantly battling “the good ole boys club”. This book has some great techniques to help women change their behaviors and get ahead. I highly recommend this book for all working women as I think this applies across the board.” ~J.G.

Linda is President and Founder of Optimal Level, a sought-after consulting firm helping business owners, professionals, and corporations increase revenues and solve business issues. She took a small scrap iron and metal business and turned it into a multimillion dollar success and was voted one of Chicago’s Most Influential Women in Business. Linda is also the author of Optimal Level, A Woman’s Guide to Meeting Life’s Challenges. For more information, visit

Marilyn Fettner, MCC, NCC, LCPC is President of Fettner Career & Life Counseling, a highly-regarded career and life counseling firm she founded in 1998. Marilyn works with individuals and couples to help them implement practical strategies to improve their work and personal lives. She has appeared as a guest career consultant on Fox TV’s Good Day Chicago and NBC TV’s Starting Over. Marilyn has also been listed in Who’s Who of American Women and is quoted in Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago Tribune’s Employment Outlook, and Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine. For more information, visit

Genre – women in the corporate workplace, women and work issues, women and work-life balance, women and equal pay, career strategies for women, women and career advancement

The ebook version of Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World ISBN 9781506903132, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 70 page print book version, ISBN 9781506903125, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Marilyn J. Fettner

First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems” by Frances Applequist

Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems, by Frances Applequist, introduces the seductive vampire leader Avianna and her fight against evil.

Raleigh, NC, USA — Frances Applequist’s Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems brings together vampires, werewolves, the US Marines, the militia and a powerful witch in a battle to save a town overrun by zombies.

The fight begins eight-hundred years earlier with the brave child who became a willful adult, and then the powerful and seductive vampire leader. While other humans hide, two frightened, but stubborn, coeds brave terrifying zombie hordes to document the truth.

One of the ironies of Frances Applequist’s life is that her short stories were published before she took her first college class, before she became a writing tutor, before she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in English Literature, and before she became immersed in college-level teaching. With her husband’s support and her children’s encouragement, she balances her love for family, her love for teaching, and her love for writing.

“Fangs, Claws & Camouflage is an incredible story of supernatural creatures like Avianna and her companions who come to the aid of the humanity against hordes of beings bent on their destruction. A must read!!!” ~Mary Hartshorn (5 Star Review)

“Applequist’s seemingly unlimited knowledge of military maneuvers and terminology make this an interesting read for the male audience while it has romance and a foreign influence for the female readers.” ~E.C. (5 Star Review)

“The section of the book that described the actual zombie battle was a page turner…” ~AC

Genre – Novel, Fiction, Vampires, Werewolves, Marines, Militia, Witches, Wiccan, Zombies, Horror

The ebook version of Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems ISBN 9781506902432, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 256 page print book version, ISBN 9781506902418, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Frances Applequist

First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Living The Life” by S.P. Chockalingam

S.P. Chockalingam’s LIVING THE LIFE highlights the importance of being spiritual with holistic approach to day to day life.

Chennai, TN, India — A doctor, a justice, a planter, an entrepreneur, a farmer and other similarly placed workers are introduced as different characters in the life’s journey of seeking the eternal question ‘the purpose and meaning of life’. They all provide their own perspectives on ‘life’ and what the ‘life’ means to them. How all of them ‘live their lives’ or how ‘the life lives their lives’ are brought out in detail.

In “Living the Life”, how the extraordinary, self-automated engineering marvel of the human body architecture with the ‘life’ inside withstands and survives the influences, pressures, and winds of changes of different kinds at different times of forces and factors on its voyage in the turbulent waters of the sea of life is critically discussed.

“Living the Life” is both entertaining and thought provoking. It is a philosophical excursion into the search for the meaning of life and the qualities that give life meaning. The stories of five diverse characters set the stage for this journey of self-discovery. “Living the Life” is timely for readers of all ages”. — Amazon verified. (5 Star Review)

“Very subtly, through the author’s captivating story telling ability one starts to see a common thread developing on the inter connection between all people as he makes us ponder this all important question – ‘whose life is it anyway?’ — Amazon verified. (5 Star Review)

In 1983, S.P.Chockalingam had a unique privilege of meeting His Holiness Dalai Lama in Jakarta. He shook hands and held H.H. Dalai Lama’s hands for quite some time and conversed with him. The meeting according to the author was the greatest transforming and defining moment in his life.

The author ( is a post graduate in Economics. He served as a banker for about 40 years. He is now a student and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation for 15 years and a writer. He is the author of “The Life-Is it Mystical or Real and Painful or Magical?”. He is also the author of 6 poetry books in Tamil language one of the oldest languages of India. He lives in Chennai, India.

Genre – Life, Living the Life, Three Pillars, Role Playing, Materialism, Better World, Saving the Life, Being Spiritual, Holistic Way Of Life, Mindfulness, Meditation, Dalai Lama

The eBooks version of Living the Life ISBN 9781506903804, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever eBooks are sold. The 171-page print book version, ISBN 9781506903798, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
S.P. Chockalingam

First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Funky French” by Rosalyn Secor, PhD

Funky French by Rosalyn Secor, PhD is far more entertaining than any French class and much more comprehensive than any packaged language program.

Orlando, FL, USA — Funky French is a surefire resource to supplement classroom instruction, foreign travel and bicultural business. More information about the book including testimonials from the author’s colleagues and students, the unique layout of the contents, a link to the Answer Key as well as details for purchasing a copy are found on

Funky French offers an all-inclusive package for learning the target language. Its novel and humorous approach encompasses basic through advanced levels. While introducing new material, each chapter reinforces previously presented sentence structures, idioms and vocabulary. Funky French is laden with clever mnemonics, delightful dialogues and reading passages and entertaining exercises. Those who would like an elementary or refresher course, students who want to supplement classroom instruction and/or review for AP or IB exams, travelers who wish to feel more comfortable communicating in French speaking environments and so many others will find Funky French to be an indispensable resource. It is the ticket for a unique and rewarding adventure. Bon voyage!

Dr. Rosalyn Secor’s credentials span two continents and include several decades of foreign language teaching experience. The author received a BS in Education from Boston University, an MA in French Language, Literature and Culture from Columbia University and a doctorate in French from La Sorbonne in Paris, France. Being multilingual, she has taught French, Spanish, Latin and English as a Second Language in high schools and colleges in several states as well as in her company, First Quality Second Languages. From 1989 to 1994, she was the foreign language tutor for young performers employed by Nickelodeon (Universal Studios, Florida) and the more recent Mickey Mouse Club (MGM Studios, Florida).

Genre – French, Fun, Language, Learn French, Second Language, French Vocabulary, French Textbook

The 546 page print book version of Funky French, ISBN 9781506900360, is published by First Edition Design Publishing ( and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Rosalyn Secor